About the HD Boycott Page

The purpose of this site is to encourage people to not buy the new high definition DVD technologies which seek to greatly reduce or eliminate the concept of fair use and first sale rights. Our goal is to provide information so you can make your own decision.



The truth about AACS, HD-DVD, Blu-ray discs and your rights

Welcome - This page was created to provide information about some unpleasant 'features' of new HD disc technologies. There are two competing formats of high definition DVDs now available: HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Unfortunately both systems utilize the draconian AACS DRM system, which is a giant step backwards for fair use and continues Hollywood's ongoing battle against their paying customers.

Don't buy any new HD gear
without getting the facts.

or you might will regret it later.

What you can do:

  • Read the articles about AACS, DRM, and HDCP in the
    GET THE FACTS section (to the left)
  • Tell your friends and others who count on you for tech
    advice about the issues
  • Don't be seduced. Don't buy a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray DVD player.
  • You can also help by putting a link on your website to www.hdboycott.com