What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising model in which a business pays a specified commission to the entity promoting it for each click/purchase completed through their (unique) link. 

In plain English? 

We earn money if you choose to buy certain products and/or services through links on our site. 

Affiliate programs are one of the ways to ensure our site continues running—but also means to afford expensive treats our cats have grown accustomed to—while simultaneously offering solutions to our readers.

How We Choose Products to Promote

Not all links will earn us commissions—only the ones that look like they will lead you directly into Nigerian Prince’s traps.

On a more serious note: our reviewers only pick products that are a healthy mix of quality + affordability. We take our role in people’s spending decisions very seriously and wouldn’t promote businesses that give less than they promise to their customers.

This means that all services and products are combed through and intensely researched before ending up on the site and suggested for you to try them out.

Why You Should Buy Through Our Links

Well, we can’t say you’ll gain much from clicking on that link (apart from a product you came looking for), but since you’re there already, why not help us out and earn some good karma? 
It might even score you a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to a cold Scottish castle where summer goes to die.