Podcast Statistics in 2022: Tune In

Podcast Statistics

Despite only being highly popularized in the most recent decade, the beginnings of podcasts as a medium can be traced back to 2000, when French entrepreneur Tristan Louis suggested adding video and audio data to the RSS feeds. The name wasn’t even coined until 2004—a journalist Ben Hammersley proposed podcasting, as a combination of iPod … Read more

Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics in 2022: Positive and Negative Impact

word of mouth marketing stats

Word of mouth marketing has influenced all purchasing decisions—from buying a new car to picking from a specific clothing brand and restaurant recommendations. Well, who doesn’t love to hear an opinion about products and services from reliable sources? Most marketers understand that people depend on the surrounding environment more than they can even realize. For … Read more

Event Marketing Statistics: Planning, Attendance, B2B Events in 2022

Event Marketing Statistics

It doesn’t come as a surprise that digital interactions are ruling our everyday life. However, even the screen-addicted millennials and Gen Zers favor in-person interactions over virtual ones.  That’s the main reason why event marketing is among the most effective marketing strategies your business can adopt. Even digital channels such as digital advertising and email … Read more

Trade Show Statistics: Attendance, Marketing, and COVID-19 in 2022

Trade Show Statistics

Businesses have been using trade shows as their marketing strategy for years. Before the digital era, trade shows mostly generated leads and increased sales. Nowadays, their function has changed—these events can expand their audience, increase brand exposure, meet and greet customers, examine the market thoroughly, and analyze the competition. Considering the digital world we live … Read more

TikTok Statistics: Demographics, Advertising, and More in 2022

tiktok stats

Once seen as a fad among the youngest social media users, TikTok is drastically reshaping branding and advertising strategies in 2021. Developed by ByteDance, TikTok was launched in September 2016 in China. The app was marketed under the name Douyin, which translates to “shaking sound.” TikTok, the international version of Douyin, is a media app … Read more

Influencer Marketing Statistics: Creators and Top Platforms in 2022

influencer marketing stats

As influencers give businesses access to an already engaged and loyal audience, the revenues speak for themselves. These latest influencer marketing statistics show the ways that social media influencers are changing the face of marketing and brand awareness. Top Influencer Marketing Statistics: Editor’s Choice Social Media Influencer Statistics for 2021 1. Influencer marketing is projected … Read more

Small Business Statistics: COVID-19, Revenue, and Failure Rates

Small Business Statistics

Turning your business idea into a flourishing multi-million dollar corporation may seem incredibly challenging—but these statistics prove it’s not impossible. If you are thinking of starting your own company, the first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the latest business trends. Learning the industry’s ropes and finding out how other startups made … Read more

Generation Z Statistics: Social Media, Workplace, Spending, and More

Generation Z Statistics

Generation Z is making a name for itself as the ethnically diverse pro-globalization age group, determined to bring changes.  So how does their set of values translate to their consumer behavior? We’ve analyzed the latest statistics and facts to find the answers. Top Generation Z Statistics: Editor’s Choice General Generation Z Facts Contrary to belief, … Read more

Customer Retention Statistics: Brands and Industries

Customer Retention Statistics

Customer retention plays a central role in the profitability and growth of the brand. Nowadays, companies need to provide outstanding customer service to meet the audience’s high standards. Putting the customer as a top priority is the only way to ensure retention and loyalty. However, customer retention statistics show how satisfying existing customers is becoming … Read more

Entrepreneur Statistics: Demographics, Success Rate, COVID-19

Entrepreneur Statistics

Becoming an entrepreneur can seem frightening. It requires dedication, grit, and countless hours of hard work. However, while you are guaranteed to face numerous obstacles along the way—especially during the pandemic—starting your own business is far from impossible, and millions of entrepreneurs worldwide are excellent proof of that. If you’re preparing to take the plunge … Read more

YouTube Demographics: Gender, Age, Region, and More

Youtube demographics

It’s no secret that YouTube is the most popular video platform on the web. As demonstrated by the following list of  YouTube demographics and statistics, its popularity lies in its simplicity—content creators can easily share their videos with viewers. This platform holds a wide range of videos—beauty tutorials, product reviews, gaming channels, funny skits, unboxing … Read more