Multichannel Marketing Statistics: Is It Worth It in 2022?

Multichannel Marketing Statistics

Multichannel marketing is no longer something that a brand can avoid. In today’s world, consumers use a multitude of online platforms, usually engaging with multiple platforms on multiple devices. Brands and companies that aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with consumers across multiple channels are far less likely to run effective marketing campaigns … Read more

How to Remove a Credit Card from Amazon: Instructions for Every Platform

How to Delete a Credit Card from Amazon

If you’re one of 310 million active Amazon users, you probably have your credit card as a payment method. But what if you want to remove it? Whether you’re removing your credit card for security reasons or because you want to change your payment method on Amazon, deleting it is a relatively simple process. So … Read more

Types of Content Writing in 2022: What Works Best for Your Business?

Types of Content Writing

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Airbnb Superhost: Everything You Need to Know

airbnb superhost

Ever since it was founded in 2008, Airbnb has seen massive success with over 5.6 million host listings, and one billion stays booked by its guests. The platform aims to connect people looking for short-term stays worldwide to those with extra space and willing to rent—from bedrooms in their house or an entire loft suite! … Read more

How to Calculate Real Interest Rate in 2022: Formula and Example

how to calculate real interest rate

In order to understand how to calculate real interest rate, it is essential first to understand the difference between nominal and real interest rates. Nominal interest rate is the amount of money you earn on your investment, while real interest rate takes inflation into account. Inflation is a rise in prices that occurs when the … Read more