Etsy Statistics: Buyers Demographics, Revenues, and Sales

Etsy Statistics

Whenever you think of Etsy, knitted scarves and hand-painted mugs are some of the things that come into your mind. Although Etsy offers many handmade goods, it also provides a much more extensive range of products. With millions of sellers, from new creators to well-established retailers, Etsy has recently become one of the most famous … Read more

Mcommerce Statistics: Trends, Online vs. Traditional Shopping

Mcommerce Stats

As mobile commerce has been growing massively in recent years, it’s inevitable to talk about mcommerce statistics. It’s no surprise that this new industry has flourished over the last few years, surpassing online desktop shopping. Mobile commerce, also known as mcommerce, refers to the process of buying and selling products by using mobile devices, such … Read more

Reddit Statistics: Traffic, Subreddits, Demographics, and More

reddit stats

Reddit is an American social network of communities that includes social news and works as a massive forum. Founded in 2005, Reddit has become one of the most influential social media out there. Unlike other social platforms, Reddit focuses primarily on discussion and community engagement. It allows users to share posts, images, videos, and links … Read more

US Retail Industry Statistics: Trends, Market Share, Global Value

us retail industry stats

The following US retail industry statistics will show you how retail is undergoing a profound transformation. Before digging into these statistics, let’s see what retail means. Retail is a type of commerce where companies offer goods and services directly to their customers by using different distribution channels. Nowadays, there’s a relatively thin line between online … Read more

Yelp Statistics: Demographics, Advertising, Categories

yelp stats

While friends and family referrals still have a considerable impact on people’s purchasing decisions, people turn to online reviews more often than ever—just one negative review can significantly hurt your sales. On the plus side, customers’ reviews are an opportunity to understand people’s needs and improve your online reputation. Top Yelp Statistics: Editor’s Choice Yelp … Read more

Millennials and Social Media Statistics: Platforms and Marketing

millennials and social media statistics

Generation Y (or Gen Y), more commonly referred to as millennials were the first generation to adopt social media as a primary form of communication, so it’s no surprise that it became important to both their personal and professional lives. Let’s dive into some less-known data and statistics about social media and its influence on … Read more