Top Press Distribution Services: Our Favorites

Linking News

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Access to over 330,000 publications;
Affordable pricing;
Quick turnaround time


No press release writing service



PR Newswire

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Wide range of outlets;
Excellent customer support;
Comprehensive reports


Expensive service



Business Wire

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Easy to use
24/7 editorial support
Great reports


Limited customization options for press releases




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Reasonable price;
Targeted audience;
Fairly easy to use


Narrow list of outlets;
Additional fees




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Writing, distribution, images, video, and SEO services;
Affordable PR services;
No membership fees:
Top-tier outlets


Additional cost for international distribution



Globe Newswire

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Easy to use;
Step by step process;
Excellent customer service


Minor formatting limitations




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PR report analytics;
No word count limit


No press release writing service



24-7 Press Release

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User-friendly and flexible;
Affordable pricing;
Good ROI


Focused on small markets only



Best Press Release Distribution Services: Top 8 Reviews

A PR distribution company with the right network and comprehensive reach is the recipe for your release to garner media attention and go viral. So we chose companies that have been around for many years and have an established network.

Service features are essential for the success of your PR campaign. What is the best press release distribution service in 2021? Here are our top choices. This article covers all major features, like access to tools that track performance, help target only selected industries, enhance SEO, and are easy to use.

Linking News

What They Offer

100% white label PR service

Vast network

Easy to use

Reasonable price

Includes Chinese distribution network

About Linking News

Linking News guarantees that press releases will be published on top-tier media sites, like Yahoo, Business Insider, Associated Press, and others. It stands out because it offers a 100% white-label distribution service, which gives a positive online impression and promotes reliability.

Pricing Plans

The press release distribution pricing of Linking News depends on how many distribution platforms or sites you’d want your PR content on. These are the prices for each press release:

Basic plan – $159 (published on 100+ sites)

Standard plan –  $369 (published on 400+ sites)

Silver plan – $869 (published on 400+ sites including top media sites like Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, MarketWatch, and more)

Gold plan – $1,680 (published on 400+ sites including Bloomberg, Street Insider, Benzinga, six international Yahoo sites, and several other international sites)

All plans include a white-label distribution service, unlimited keyword links, unlimited embedded images, and unlimited word count.

Most Notable Features

Huge network

Linking News has a network of over 900,000 journalists and 330,000 publications. It can help brands earn visibility.

White-label coverage

Since Linking News won’t be adding its name to your release, your brand gets all the attention.

Easy to use

New users won’t have any problem using the platform. They can simply copy and paste the content, customize the format, and upload images in minutes.

Turnaround time

After your press release is approved, it will take 1–2 days before it goes live on media and news sites.

Chinese distribution networks

If you want to get coverage from the Chinese media, Linking News offers distribution services to over 2,000 Chinese media outlets.


Just like other press release sites, users can choose to target only specific regions and industries.

Detailed Report

Users get a report with live links and other performance tracking stats within 1–3 days after the release is published.

Customer Service

Its customer support team works closely with users to assist with publishing content and answering questions. Users can send an email to for all their concerns. It offers support in both English and Chinese language.


Even if Linking News doesn’t provide unlimited press release distribution for free, the fact that users can incorporate unlimited keywords, images, and unrestricted word count is already worth its price. Apart from its white-label coverage, the plans are within the range for small businesses.

Linking News has good service and is a reliable company. It helps small brands reach national and international exposure without paying thousands of dollars.


What They Offer

WireWatch for detailed reporting

Vast network reach

Offers writing and editing services

Reasonably priced

Same day distribution

Specific targeting

About eReleases

eReleases is one of the most reliable press releases sites that started more than 20 years ago. Its services also cater to small businesses with limited PR budgets, but want broad exposure and features in influential outlets, like the New York Times. It claims that it’s the only company that uses WireWatch for reporting.

Pricing Plans

eReleases offers three plans. The cost is based on the distribution outlet and word count.

Buzz Builder – $299  (400 words and one industry target)

Newsmaker – $399 (500 words release and two industry targets)

PR Pro – $499 (600 words and three industry targets)

All pricing includes SEO enhancements, distribution to a minimum of 90 media sites, and embedded two images without additional charge.

Most Notable Features

Wide reach

PR release services send out a press release via PR Newswire’s massive distribution network with more than 10,700 syndicated sites and eRelease’s network of over 100,000 subscribed journalists.

Specific industry targeting

Users have the option to target their PR content only to selected industries.

Reporting through WireWatch

eReleases leverages a reporting system called WireWatch to provide users with the detailed proof of distribution and other statistics within two hours after the release goes live.

Writing services

It offers writing services for an extra fee of $200.

Fast turnaround time

For a fee of $100, users can rush the distribution order within the same day. Otherwise, releases are generally scheduled for the next day before 9 AM EST.

Customer Service

Users can direct their inquiries to customer support either by live chat with an editor, phone call, or the Contact Us page for email. Its phone support (800-710-5535) is available Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM EST.


Press release platform eReleases’s integration with PR Newswire gives users access to 1.7 million journalists and social media influencers at an affordable price.

It appeals to small businesses because its distribution network is mostly media in the US. If your goal is to attract national media coverage, eReleases may be the right choice. But if you want your release to go global, you’ll have to pay $1,000 to enable distribution to all countries or $200 per country.

24-7 Press Release

What They Offer

Email distribution

Press monitoring

Multimedia engagement

Real-time reporting

About 24-7 Press Release

If you’re looking to spread your news through social media channels or traditional news channels, 24-7 Press Release is your best shot. Thanks to this distribution service, it is possible to manage visitors and sales and improve brand awareness.

Pricing Plans

When you think of cheap press releases, 24-7 Press Release distribution service comes right into mind. 24-7 Press Release provides its customers with five different packages to choose from:

Simple Post—$19 per release (only for online readers)

Visibility Boost—$49 per release (any business can increase their online presence)

PR Network Plus—$89 per release (distribution to AP Newsroom and other online media partners)

Integrated Media PRO—$139 per release (distribution to both online and traditional media)

Mass Media Visibility—$389 per release (distribution to PR Newswire’s 2,500+ media points for major visibility)

Most Notable Features

Multimedia and Formatting

Thanks to 24-7 Press Release, it is possible to add the most preferred format, links, text, images, and more.

Traditional and Online PR Services

Readers can find most of the news online. In many cases, journalists can read the press release distributed by 24-7 Press Release on the most traditional channels as well.

SEO Professional

This tool improves rankings on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other popular search engines.

Media Exposure

24-7 Press Release distributes to over 5,000 US newspapers, websites, databases, and other services.

Customer Service

According to PR distribution review, 24-7 Press Release’s customer support is efficient, responsive, and solves issues on the spot. You can contact 24-7 Press Release via phone on these toll-free numbers: 1-888-880-9539 and 646-417-8294. If you are more comfortable with email communication, you can request an email by filling out the form on their Contact Us page.


24-7 Press Release makes it easy to set up, select industries, and add multimedia elements. It is a cost-effective and time-saving tool that allows its customers to save valuable information and load it at a later time.

Despite its many advantages, the 24-7 PR distribution services do not let users pick the time they want and are only available in limited markets.

PR Newswire

What They Offer

Global network reach

User-friendly site

Great customer service

Timely and comprehensive reports

Boosts impression numbers

About PR Newswire

Cision PR Newswire is one of the leading companies for press releases today. It’s popular and often the first choice in press release distribution because of its large platform. It offers businesses an avenue to share their content with more than 4,000 websites, 550 news content systems, and 3,000 media outlets.

Pricing Plans

Before sending a press release to PR Newswire, you need to pay an annual membership fee. Take a look at PR Newswire pricing.

Annual membership – $195 using credit card or $249 if invoiced, and it includes: 

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Complimentary training (phone/webinar) for major services
  • Access to members-only webinars
  • Quarterly re-authentication of “authorized senders.”

Press Release Pricing

The cost will depend on the scope of distribution. 

National Distribution – $835 (400-word press release)

Extra cost: $260 for every additional 100 words.

International Distribution – $1,260–$8,550 (400-word press release)

Extra cost: $185 – $2,250 for every additional 100 words.

Most Notable Features

Here are some of the notable features of PR Newswire.

Reputable Company

PR Newswire has been providing the best PR distribution services for over 60 years. It has established a solid reputation.


Users can choose a distribution list or use their own list of connections to target reporters or media networks.

International Options

PR Newswire offers the option to send out a release to 170 countries in over 40 languages.

Strongest Network Reach

Its network includes over 4,000 websites, 3,000 media outlets, over 550 news content systems, and the media-only exclusive community with over 20,000 email subscribers.

User-Friendly Site

The simple member portal makes it easy and fast to set up a news release for distribution. Users can also save targeting selections for future use.

Robust Reporting

Once a press release is sent, users get visibility reports. With these reports, they will know how the release performed, where it was posted, and who picked it up.

Turnaround time

Within hours or scheduled in advance.

Customer Service

PR Newswire is dedicated to helping clients streamline the process of creating and distributing a release. Its customer support is available 24/7. Users can get assistance through phone, online chat, and email. Its phone support is 888-776-0942 and opened between 8 AM and 9 PM EST.


The PR release service of PR Newswire costs a great deal of money, but without any doubt, its network can help get the media splash you want for your brand. It has an intuitive dashboard, a long-standing experience, provides real-time reports for tracking performance, and has excellent tagging features.

It’s best for businesses that don’t have a problem with the budget and want their press release to target the audience based on location, demographics, interests, and industry on the local and national level.

Business Wire

What They Offer

Comprehensive reach

Customizable distribution list

Responsive customer support

Pre-scheduling a press release


Easy-to-use platform

About Business Wire

Business Wire is one of the most trusted press release companies. It’s well-known and used by large organizations that need media coverage from credible sites and social media channels. It helps brands get more views and reach their target audience by broadcasting releases across the web.

Pricing Plans

The press release cost depends on the word count and where the press release is sent. Unfortunately, the exact Business Wire pricing isn’t readily available on the site, so prospects need to contact its newsroom to get a quote.

According to third-party sites, a 400-word press release costs around $760. It charges an extra $195 for every additional 100 words.

Most Notable Features

Secure communication

Its end-to-end encryption allows clients to share images, audio, and calls.

Easy-to-use interface

The software is organized, clean, and professional. Clients can easily format press releases or sort through several press releases.

Wide distribution list

With over 100,000 media outlets in more than 160 countries, users can surely get their news out to the best media outlets. These include VentureBeat, MarketWatch, and Yahoo!

NX Network

Unlike other press release sites, Business Wire distributes releases via its own patented news network called NX to reach key market participants.

In-depth reports

Clients can track and monitor their media coverage activity with clear reporting that includes metrics.

Targeting and customizable distribution

Users can customize the distribution list as well as the targeting according to state, region, and topics, allowing them to send a release that fits their needs.


Business Wire provides proofing assistance to ensure that releases don’t have typos.

Online readers can submit your news to top sharing sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Turnaround time

Immediately or scheduled in advance.

Customer Service

Whether you need a recommendation for a list or assistance with formatting a release, the site has enthusiastic customer support. You can connect with them through phone (1-888-381-9473), email (, or using the Contact Us page on the site.


If you want a press release sent out to a niche community, you should try Business Wire. It’s a site that offers the best press distribution services. It helps disseminate company announcements, product launches, and other business news to over 100,000 media channels for a fair price.

Financial institutions and advocacy groups should choose Business Wire because it has the best network for these industries. If budget isn’t a significant issue, it might be the right company for you.


What They Offer

Affordable plans


Targeting option

Editorial review

Engaging customer support

Fast turnaround time

About PRWeb

PRWeb helps clients on a budget to get their press releases out to thousands of websites, journalists, reporters, and social media networks. It’s easy to use, and the best thing about it is the word count. Instead of the usual 400-word limit per release, its press release writing services can be as long as 800 words.

Pricing Plans

PRWeb offers the following packages per release: 

Basic – $99 

  • Best for increasing release visibility

Standard – $189 

  • Ideal for driving web traffic from hundreds of media partner sites

Advanced – $289 

  • Best for getting media coverage from industry-specific influencers

Premium – $389 

  • Go viral and get attention from influential blogger networks.

Most Notable Features

Broad reach

Users can send press releases to traditional corporate media, blogs, and hundreds of new media outlets. It leverages social media and search engines.

Easy to use

The simple and easy-to-navigate interface streamlines the process of setting up an account as well as creating and distributing press releases.

Custom Targeting

The audience filter feature allows users to target people who are likely to be interested in covering their release. They can target audiences based on geographical areas or business industries.

Editorial Review or Proofing

Content is reviewed by the editorial team to make sure there are no typos before it’s sent out.


Users receive information on the number of reads, clicks, impressions, and other metrics to analyze the performance and ROI of their press release campaign.

Fast Turnaround Time

Two days for Standard Package and next-day distribution for Advanced and Premium Package.

Customer Service

PRWeb has efficient and reliable customer support. For questions, PRWeb’s customer support can be contacted via phone (1-866-640-6397), chat support, and its Contact Us page. It also has an editorial desk line (1-866-640-6397) that is open 24/7.


If you run a small business that has fewer contacts, PRWeb’s services might be the best option for you. It has cheap press release distribution services, so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It also offers customizable packages, which is advantageous if you plan to syndicate multiple releases.

With PRWeb, you can build out text links, optimize your release using keywords, and submit it to search engines and media outlets for optimum visibility. If you need to appeal to the local media but can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars, you might have the best shot at PRWeb. The company is also reliable, and customer support is responsive.

Globe Newswire

What They Offer

Reach a broad audience

Boost online visibility

Engagement with multimedia

Traffic generation

About Globe Newswire

Thousands of clients use Globe Newswire to distribute business press releases and media content every year. This platform is primarily used by small businesses, agencies, non-profit organizations, and large corporations.

Pricing Plans

Unfortunately, Globe Newswire pricing is not readily available on their website.

However, the self-service option costs as little as $150, while the full national publishing service begins at $560.

Most Notable Features

Reach a Broad Audience

Globe Newswire distribution service reaches 92 countries in 35 different languages. Moreover, clients can choose among 1,000 news outlets by location, industry, and media type.

Media Engagement

Text-only press releases are a thing of the past. Thanks to Globe Newswire’s Media Snippets feature, customers can add infographics, PDFs, audios, and videos to their press releases.

Analyzes the Impact of Press Releases

Globe Newswire is one of the PR platforms that provide post-distribution reporting. You can check the number of people who viewed the press release, social media shares, and much more.

SEO Tools

Press releases can be easily found on major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Social Media Broadcasting

Share your news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and more to get people talking about your press release.

Customer Service

Globe Newswire’s editorial team is there to help at any time of the day and night. Other than providing 24/7 customer support, operators also help with translation services when needed. Customers receive quick and efficient support via email or phone calls on the following number: +1 (310) 642-6930.


Globe Newswire is easy to use, flexible, and, most importantly, reaches a vast global audience. Thanks to its reach, almost everyone around the world can release their press releases in their local language. On top of that, the news will be available on the most popular search engine and social media.

Although Globe Newswire has many fascinating features, it’s not perfect. Unlike other press release submission sites, Globe Newswire does not have clear pricing plans on its website. Customers need to contact the company to get their personalized price.


What They Offer


SEO tools

Multimedia engagement

Social sharing

About Accesswire

If you’re a small business or a beginner in the field, Accesswire offers a cheap yet comprehensive option. Its cloud-based newswire helps enhance social media engagement, press monitoring, and more.

Pricing Plans

Accesswire comes in four press release packages. You can either pay as you go or purchase in bundles.

Online — $159 per press release

  • Online distribution
  • Great for private companies

Budget — $379 per press release

  • Online distribution
  • Distribution on major news outlets, TV stations, and newsrooms

National — $695 per press release

  • Tailored for larger companies

Premium — $995 per press release

  • Targeted outlets
  • Business Insider and AP mobile

Most Notable Features

Press Release Creation

With Accesswire, creating, designing, and uploading a press release has never been so easy.


Thanks to Accesswire distribution, clients can synchronize their press releases straight to their newsroom.

Social Sharing

This feature allows companies to share their press releases via email or social media.

Contact List

Accesswire is among the press release service providers that filter relevant media contacts.

Multimedia Engagement

Adding embedded videos, audio files, and other media can help with engaging a broader audience.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer support, Accesswire’s experience is second to none. Many reviews stated that customer support truly cares about its customers and goes to great lengths to deliver quick and effective responses. On top of that, Accesswire’s customer service is available on their email and phone number at any time of the day.


If you need a service that can distribute a press release to mainstream news outlets and media at a relatively low price, then Accesswire is the best tool for you. This feature-rich platform makes the press release for your small business polished and well-formatted. Customers also adore how there are no challenges with word count, multimedia inclusion, and hyperlinks.

According to reviews, Accesswire could use some improvements in providing better analytic features to quantify the return on investment for each press release.

Picking the Best Press Distribution Services in 2022: Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a buyer’s guide we’ve created to help you choose the best PR distribution service among today’s top press release sites.

How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service: Step by Step

Assess the Ease of Use

Whether it’s a premium or free press release distribution site, clients should be able to adapt to using the platform quickly. Is the platform user-friendly? Can you navigate around with little to no help when creating content? 

An intuitive interface with a minimal design is a feature you should look for when choosing a PR distribution service. You don’t want to be wasting hours talking with customer support and asking how to set up an account because the platform is complicated. 

Evaluate the Quality of the Distribution Targeting

How do I choose a press release distribution? Do you need to target an audience in a specific industry? If so, you need to find a site that features distribution targeting only in the same industry. Targeting will increase the odds of your release getting picked up. 

Check Customer Support and Delivery Time

It’s easy to lose our temper when we encounter issues, and sometimes, we unintentionally take it out on the person on the other line. Thus, a prompt, understanding, and kind customer support expert can truly make a difference. Just knowing that there’s someone you can reach out to anytime you have issues is an assurance every user is entitled to. 

Consider the Price Range

Some of the best press release distribution services in 2021, especially the popular ones, can be expensive. You want to get the best service while also not compromising your PR budget by overspending. If you’re a small business owner, it’s not wise to invest thousands of dollars in PR. So we selected a few sites that offer flexible pricing options.

Summary: Best Press Release Distribution Service

A press release is an important marketing strategy, and thousands of businesses use it to get media attention for product launches, company announcements, and other business news. 

For a fee, the best press release distribution service helps get the word about your business to as many news and media sites as possible, without you making too much effort. These sites do the legwork for you and help your brand get recognized. As a result, you gain more audience, improve SEO, and reinforce your brand image.  

Since there are several press release listings to choose from, you better know your PR priorities and goals to get the most of what you’ll be paying for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a press release?

In public relations, a press release is a brief, compelling news story written by publishers and distributed to targeted media members. Whether it is online or not, picking the interest of journalists is the main goal of every press release.

Press releases contain basic information (name, phone number, email address, etc.), the headline, and, most importantly, the main text.

How long should a press release be?

As a general rule, a press release should be between 300 and 500 words. Short content is easily digested by journalists to go through and get all the most relevant information. Replying to the ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’, and ‘Why’ questions to incorporate all the information that needs to be delivered.

How to send a press release?

First of all, it’s important to build a media list. Whether it is via traditional news outlets or online sources, you should have in mind who you want to reach. The second step is submitting an email to press release agencies. In the email, you must indicate your name, the business you’re associated with, and that you intend to submit a press release. 

Later on, syndicate using a distribution service. Choosing the press release is the most important step, as you are submitting your press release and reaching your intended audience. After this step, you can promote your press release on social media and track reports.

Where to send press releases?

PR professionals send press releases to journalists. Typically, the PR team needs to have a network of journalists or publishers with their contact details or email addresses. 

Organizations that don’t have connections pay for press release publishing and distribution sites to broadcast their press releases to a vast media network.

How to distribute press releases?

There are two ways to distribute a press release. First, you can do it manually by sending it to journalists or publishers. The second method is to employ press release distribution sites that take care of the distribution for you. What’s more, you get a report that shows the performance of your press release.

If you want to distribute press releases for free, you can do it by searching Google for the best free press release sites. You’ll surely find legit sites that offer distribution services at no cost at all, like PRlog or OpenPR. You can submit your press release for free on sites like OpenPR, but free sites usually don’t have quality connections.