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24 Stunning Facebook Advertising Statistics

by Darko

Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in February 2004 as a socializing application for Harvard students. But it quickly took off and has grown from strength to strength since. 

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With over 2,5 billion active monthly users in Q3 2019, Facebook remains the most used social network and the best place to advertise goods or services.

Today, every company, startup, and agency is using this application to connect with customers and advertise its products. It generated an ad revenue of over 55 billion in 2018.

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The following mind-boggling Facebook advertising statistics will give you a better view of the Facebook ad benefits and popular trends related to them. 

Fascinating Facebook Advertising Statistics 2019

  • Facebook has more than 1.62 billion active daily users.
  • There are over 50 million business pages on Facebook.
  • The FB like and share buttons get 10 million daily views on websites. 
  • The biggest group of Facebook active users are between 25 and 34 years old. 
  • 1 to 3 pm during mid-week is the highest traffic time for Facebook.
  • Facebook engagement rates are 18% on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • 42% of marketers say Facebook is important for their business.

Facebook Usage Statistics

1. Facebook is the world’s third most visited website.

(Source: HootSuite)

76% of Americans aged between 18 and 24 year access and use Facebook. That percentage goes up to 84% for 25 to 29 years old and 79% for Facebook users aged between 30-49. Even the older generations are accessing the social media platform. 68% for people aged between 50 and 64 and approximately 46% of those 65 years or older also visit the platform.  

2. The senior generation, which consists of users born before 1945, presented the most drastic increase on Facebook user statistics in 2019.

(Source: Pew Research)

In 2019, Facebook enjoyed an excellent growth in the number of users. The stats increased from 82% to 84% for Millennials, while the Boomer users increased by 59% to 60%. However, the number of Facebook users born in 1945 and before rose by 26% in 2018 to 37% in 2019. 40% of Facebook user now belong to the 74 to 91 age group.

3. Three out of four users login to their Facebook account daily.

(Source: Pew Research)

Out of the total number of American social media users, 69% were on Facebook in 2019. The number presented a rise of nearly 15% since 2014. Among these users, 74% used the platform daily, while 17% did so weekly. The Facebook usage statistics are much higher than those of any other social media platform, including Instagram (63%), YouTube (51%), and Twitter (42%).

4. India and the US have 459 million Facebook users in total.

(Source: Statista)

The studies reveal that by October 2019, there were nearly 269 Facebook accounts in India. The US came second, with a total of 183 million Facebook users, while Indonesia was third with 123 million.

5. 5 million businesses use Facebook to advertise their products and services.

(Source: Business Insider)

In March 2016, Facebook revealed that more than 3 million businesses were using it to promote their products. The Facebook advertising statistics increased by drastic numbers in the next two years, witnessing a rise of 2 million in this section by 2017. 

6. 50% of Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 34 years check it first thing in the morning.

(Source: SocialSkinny)

Half of the Facebook users check their Facebook as soon as they wake up. Moreover, 28% of these users open their account even before getting out of bed. 

7. The average time spent on Facebook has increased by 46 minutes per day. 

(Source: Statista)

Back in 2012, the average user spent nearly 90 minutes on Facebook every day. This increased by 5 minutes in the next year and then by another 6 minutes in 2014. By 2018, the figure stood at 136 minutes per day.

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More Facebook Advertising Stats

8. Smartphones and other mobile devices secure 57% of the total online traffic.

(Source: Brightedge)

A 2017 study by BrightEdge established that more than half of the internet depended on mobile devices rather than desktops. Moreover, smartphone apps and websites increased the chances of sales to a great extent. More than 69% of smartphone users also said they are more likely to buy from mobile sites that address their questions and concerns. 

9. 28% of the total app usage time is covered by just five smartphone applications, and Facebook is one of them.

(Source: Marketingland)

Research by Forrester reveals that there are 20 top apps amongst the United States smartphone users. The list includes Skype, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Whatsapp, Amazon, Yahoo mail, Candy Crush, and several more. However, Americans spend 28% of their total time on just five applications –  Gmail, Pandora, Maps, YouTube, and Facebook.

According to these app usage statistics, Facebook occupies 10% of the time, closely followed by YouTube with 7% and Maps with 5%. Pandora and Gmail occupy the remainder with 3% each.

10. 47% of Facebook users depend on smartphones for browsing their accounts.

(Source: BusinessOfApps)

In 2015 Facebook announced that out of the total 1.55 billion active monthly users, 727 million used a smartphone to access the social network. The apps occupied an outstanding market, which further increased by 2018. In this year, there were 2.3 billion active monthly users, out of whom 989 used Facebook on mobile.

11. Facebook’s mobile advertising revenue has increased by 81% between 2012 and 2018.

(Source: Statista)

In 2012, Facebook’s mobile website and app-generated only 11% of Facebook’s advertising revenue, but the very next year (2013), this toll increased to 45%. The stats kept going up and reached a whopping 92% by the year 2018.

12. A quarter of the total clicks on Facebook ads turn into a purchase.

(Source: Adexpresso)

A survey about Facebook click-through rates reveals that the platform offers an average CTR of 0.9% across all industries. The number may seem small, but it’s not, especially since 26% of these click-throughs turn to a successful purchase.

Facebook Marketing Stats

13. The price of Facebook sponsored ads decreased by 4% in 2019.

(Source: HootSuite)

In the second quarter of 2019, Facebook witnessed a drop in ad cost, but its impressions increased by 33%. It means less time and more engagement possibilities for marketers promoting their goods on the platform.

14. Facebook occupies three-quarters of the total social media advertising market.

(Source: HootSuite)

Facebook secures over 40% of the total digital advertising revenue per year. The Facebook ad statistics also reveal that the platform occupies 58% of the mobile ad revenue. Compared to other social media apps, Facebook covers 75% of the total ad market. And this total revenue goes up by 28% every year. 

15. 79% of users are more likely to buy from brands that are on Facebook. 

(Source: Askingmarterquestions)

Facebook brand followers are a huge asset for companies, Facebook advertising statistics reveal. Nearly eight in ten trust these brands and are likely to buy their product. The number drops to just 41% for non-followers. A similar difference is also visible in the referral section. 74% of these followers tend to recommend their product, while only 38% of non-followers do it.    

16. Facebook is a valuable asset for 86% of small businesses and startups.

(Source: Askingmarterquestions)

Facebook helps several startups and businesses in referral marketing and attaining user generated content. More than 36% of its users are ready to produce UGC for the brands. The platform also drives one-fourth of the total referral market to its websites. 58% of these businesses also say that the reduced Facebook advertising cost lets them cut their total marketing budget. Moreover, creating a Facebook store also provided them access to the 20% of shoppers who prefer to buy through Facebook rather than the actual brand websites.  

17. Facebook ads receive an average of 11 clicks per month.

(Source: Hootsuite)

An infographic by Hootsuite reveals than an average Facebook user clicks nearly 11 ads and likes nearly 13 posts in a month. Considering the 2.5 billion monthly active users of the platform, these Facebook ad statistics appear to be a valuable asset. It amounts to a mind-blowing 24.2 billion click-throughs and 28.6 billion “likes.” Even a tiny part of this number is enough to skyrocket your business. 

18. Facebook is responsible for 41.25% of the total referral traffic that comes from social media.

(Source: Mediashift)

Nearly 46% of the referral market is driven by social media, and Facebook’s share is 41.25% of that. Though Facebook organic reach has decreased by half (52%) in the last few years, it can still connect you to a huge number of consumers.

19. The average Facebook advertising ROI is nearly 450%. 

(Source: Marketingsherpa)

In a study, Gravity Defyer implemented Facebook marketing into its marketing campaign. The platform helped it to increase traffic, raise brand appearance, and offer a lot of benefits. The team attained an ROI ranging between 300% and 600%.

Facebook Advertising Statistics - ad

Statics About Facebook Post Types

20. The number of Facebook live broadcasts has doubled since 2016.

(Source: Marketingland)

During the second anniversary of the live broadcast feature, Facebook revealed that the feature was growing at a very high rate. The number has doubled for normal users and is 1.5 times higher for verified users. The years marked the creation of 3.5 billion videos that received over 150 billion reactions.

21. On average, there are 8 billion daily video views on Facebook.


Facebook video stats reveal that by 2016, users were spending nearly 100 million hours watching Facebook videos every single day. 20% of these videos were live stream, while the rest were simple posts. The number further increased by 12% for videos with quality captions. 

22. 75% of Facebook users watch a Facebook video for at least one minute per day.  


Some Facebook users have a strange attachment to videos. They tend to watch at least once a day. Another strange habit of Facebook video watchers is turning off the speakers. Nearly 85% of the Facebook video engagement rate is secured by these silent video watchers. In fact, 80% of viewers even turn off the video and leave it if it has an autoplay sound.  

23. Facebook Stories receive over 150 million daily views.

(Source: MediaKix)

Facebook Stories are a relatively new feature, but their results are very promising. They’ve grown 15 times faster than the news feed. Facebook Stories are not nearly as popular as those on Instagram and WhatsApp, but the total number of views is closing in on Snapchat’s 191 million views.

24. Approximately 350 million photos are posted on Facebook in a single day. 


There are over 250 billion photos on Facebook, and this number keeps increasing by an incredible 350 million per day. That amounts to 243,055 photos every minute. What’s more, users are also sharing a mind-blowing 4.75 billion other items every day, including Stories, posts, and more. It all adds up to approximately 4 petabytes per day. 

Facebook Advertising Statistics - facebook like

Wrap Up

Our incredible Facebook advertising statistics prove that the platform can offer everything from high traffic to posting options. The social network has been helping businesses market their products to millions of potential customers.

Key takeaway:

Once you understand and analyze the latest trends on the platform, you can use some quality content that can deliver something useful for users. So, consider your options and launch a marketing campaign on it. The ROI and the brand exposure you get will be totally worth it.


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