Facebook Video Statistics: Viewers, Advertising, and More

Video is one of the most important tools a content marketer has in 2020. Combine that with the sheer potential of Facebook’s advertising platform, and you can reach an audience of thousands of people in a single campaign.

Facebook video statistics we have gathered in this article show that this is the platform to use—it’s more cost-effective than YouTube and you can reach more people daily.

Top Facebook Video Stats: Editor’s Choice

General Facebook Video Statistics

When it comes to gaining online exposure for your business, it’s vital to stay up-to-date with the latest Facebook video trends.

Being aware of them will make it less challenging for you to create and implement marketing campaigns and Facebook video ads to grow your company.

Let’s look at some general statistics related to Facebook videos, focusing on engagement rates, conversion rates, the average length of videos, and views.

1. Facebook videos get 59.3% more clicks than images.

When you advertise on Facebook, you want to benefit from organic traffic. The good news is that video ads on Facebook have helped boost organic reach tremendously.

Marketers claim that videos bring 59.3% more clicks than images.

2. Best video length for Facebook is up to 15 seconds.

If you create a Facebook video, you want to capture your audience’s attention most efficiently. An essential part of this is video length.

When it comes to video content, attention span statistics indicate that keeping it short and sweet is the best solution—15-second clips tend to attract viewers’ attention the most.

People are often quickly scrolling through Facebook, so they don’t have a desire to sit through long videos.

3. According to Facebook video views statistics, 92% of people watch videos with a sound off.

What does this mean for those who are posting Facebook videos? It means that you need to capture the viewer’s attention in other ways, such as graphics and captions.

If people watch videos on mute, focusing all your attention on talking and voice-overs is useless. Instead, you need to make sure you pay attention to the video itself to capture the viewers’ interest.

4. Video engagement stats show that the average engagement rate for Facebook videos is 6.13%.

The average engagement rate on Facebook stands at around 3.6%. This is how many people like, share, or comment on posts.

With Facebook videos, however, the engagement rate stands at a far more impressive 6.13%.

So, given these figures, it’s well worth using videos rather than images or text, as people tend to engage more with Facebook video content.

5. 11% of all posts on Facebook are videos.

According to Facebook video content stats, over one-tenth of all content on the platform is video.

The majority of the content is links—a staggering 77% of everything you’ll come across on Facebook is just links to other content.

Facebook Video Viewing Stats

6. The post engagement is at its peak on Wednesdays between 11 AM and 1 PM.

Facebook video engagement stats suggest you need to put some thought into the timing as it makes all the difference.

Posting your video at the most popular time on Facebook can help boost views and engagement considerably. According to recent studies, engagement rates on Facebook are at their highest on Wednesdays around noon.

7. Every day, around half a billion people worldwide watch Facebook videos.

When posting a video on Facebook, you want to get as many views as possible. You’ll be pleased to know that figures suggest that around half a billion people around the world watch Facebook videos daily.

Understanding Facebook video stats is your chance to capture the attention of a considerable number of people, so it’s recommended to put as much thought and resources into these videos as to leave a good impression.

8. Facebook videos have eight billion views per day.

If you’re looking for an amazing opportunity to reach out to a worldwide audience, Facebook is the perfect solution. With Facebook video consumption stats showing half a billion people watching Facebook videos each day, this is an outstanding opportunity.

These 500 million people can generate up to eight billion views each day for Facebook videos, so this is something you need to get on board with to reach out to a vast global audience.

You may be wondering how many hours of videos are watched on Facebook. Well, the answer is 100 million hours each day—incredible, isn’t it?

9. Over 2.7 billion people worldwide use the platform every day, according to Facebook users statistics.

Facebook is one of several prevalent social media platforms and has seen enormous growth over recent years. According to Facebook demographics in 2020, there are over 2.7 billion active Facebook users.

Given the number of active users, Facebook videos can attract a huge audience. This is why it makes sense for marketers and businesses to promote their brands, goods, and services using this method.

10. Live videos tend to get six times more engagement than prerecorded ones, as Facebook video marketing stats show.

Going live is the way forward if you want to benefit from the most effective means of spreading the word through video on Facebook.

Facebook Live statistics show that you are likely to get a sixfold higher engagement rate on a live video than a prerecorded one. When it comes to video engagement, Facebook stats show that going live is an excellent option if you want to engage more directly with consumers. Facebook Live video usage can be immensely beneficial in today’s digital age.

11. Brand lift is 27% higher with a mobile-optimized video.

With many people now using Facebook and other social media platforms on their mobile devices, it’s vital to optimize your videos properly.

Fail to do this, and you could miss out on an enormous chunk of your target audience, as Facebook advertising statistics indicate in 2020.

According to Facebook video marketing statistics, mobile-first videos can result in a 27% brand lift increase and a 23% higher chance of driving message association. So this is something to keep in mind when creating a marketing plan.

Facebook Video Advertising Stats

Are you a business marketer keen on boosting brand exposure? If so, take note of these advertising and marketing stats.

12. Facebook videos have the lowest cost-per-click rates.

Facebook video ad stats indicate that, out of all the social media ad options, this platform has the best engagement-CPC ratio.

According to last year’s report, the average cost is only $1.86, making it a perfect solution for small businesses—affordable, yet with an impressive reach.

13. 67% of marketers believe Facebook is the essential social media platform, according to Facebook ad statistics.

In today’s highly competitive business world, marketers have to find effective means of making a brand stand out from the crowd.

There are various ways to do this, and one of them is through Facebook videos.

When it comes to using social media for businesses, statistics indicate that two-thirds of marketers believe Facebook is the crucial social media platform and can reach a broader and more diverse audience than other channels.

14. The average cost-per-view rate is 1–15 cents.

It’s important to note that this is an industry average—prices can vary significantly from business to business.

On Facebook, cost per video view can be a fickle metric, as the platform counts a video as viewed after it’s watched for three seconds only.

15. Around 87% of marketers use Facebook.

According to Facebook statistics 2020, 87.1% of marketers use Facebook for advertising.

According to the latest Facebook advertising statistics, this social media platform covers 75% of the ad market.

16. Due to the pandemic, Facebook’s ad revenue is projected to grow only by 5.9% in 2020.

It’s a significant drop compared to last year when the total growth was 26.6%.

Facebook video ad revenue, combined with Instagram, was $6.81 billion that same year.

Although the pandemic is to blame, it’s important to note that the percentage was considerably lower last year than in 2018 (37.7%).

Facebook Video Statistics: The Takeaway​

There’s no doubt that video can be an excellent solution for individuals and businesses. With 37 minutes of average time spent on Facebook per day, it’s evident that this platform is worth the effort.

Our data shows that it’s a great way to get any message across. Among the most important lessons to learn from these numbers is that it’s crucial to get the video right and make sure it’s optimized for mobile devices.

Facebook’s CPC-engagement ratio is exceptionally high, and, at an average cost of $1.86 per click, it proves to be a cost-effective option for small businesses.

If you’re not already using videos on Facebook to your advantage, these facts and figures will surely make you think again!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Facebook video ads cost?

Using Facebook videos as a marketing tool is not only a more engaging way to interact with potential customers, but it’s also cost-effective. 

On average, video is 10% of the carousel’s cost or a single image ad, with companies paying $0.15 to $0.50 per click on a video campaign. 

The average cost of a Facebook ad is $0.97 per click and $7.19 per 1,000 impressions. 

What is a good number of views on Facebook?

Getting 30% of your audience to view the video means you did a solid job. However, anything below this percentage is a reason to worry and go back to the drawing board. 

What’s more, if the engagement doesn’t match the reach, consider doing an A/B test on your content to determine why this might be. 

What is a good engagement rate on Facebook in 2022?

The median engagement rate across all industries is at 0.09% in 2020. It is important to track these metrics because it’s the only way to know if your investment brings you revenue. 

Engagement lower than the median can be indicative of an issue with the content you are posting. 

On what device do the majority of people watch Facebook videos?

Facebook reach is generally higher on mobile devices than laptops or desktop computers. 

Statista reports that 98.3% of users are reached through any mobile device with 1.7% opening Facebook content on nonmobile devices. 

As Facebook video statistics show, 79.2% of users use phones to log into Facebook, so optimizing videos for mobile devices is of utmost importance.


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