How Many Websites Are There in 2022?

Nowadays, browsing the Internet has become an everyday activity for almost everyone. Bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs are the most dynamic on the web — they keep launching new sites each second.

Read on to find out more about the power of the Internet and the staggering amount of sites it holds.

How Many Websites Are There in 2021?

As the number of sites constantly grows, Internet Live Stats is the perfect place to keep track. It also calculates Internet users, blog posts, social media uploads, and other essential usage data in real-time.

As for the number of websites by year — it changes constantly and might not be precise. Currently, the figure is at 1.5 billion, a significant growth considering the first website appeared in 1991. The one-billion milestone was reached in 2014, but the number quickly declined afterward.

How Many Websites Are There in the US?

The .com websites have become the de facto domain for the US. In total, there are about 137 million registered content-based sites, with only 31% active. 

Another one-third seems to be out of use, meaning that it shows an error, a blank page, or no web server. The remaining fall under unsafe categories, such as gambling and pornography.

How Many Websites Are There on the Deep Web?

The deep web is that portion of the Internet not indexed on search engines. Research by Recorded Future showed that there are 55,828 different onion domains there. Moreover, the dark web has a reputation for conducting illegal activities, such as drug sales and human trafficking.

How Many Active Websites Are There?

As mentioned earlier, there are almost two billion websites out there. However, less than 200 million are currently functioning. On the other hand, the number of inactive websites constitutes a staggering 75%. That means that almost eight in ten are either outdated, abandoned, or lost.

How Many Websites Are Created Every Day?

Siteefy provides among the most reliable evaluations on website creation. Considering that the number of websites on the Internet rises by approximately 175 each minute, the rough estimate for 24 hours is a whopping 252,000 figure worldwide.

Even this estimate might not be entirely accurate, as the number of deactivated sites and accounts also rises every day. Therefore, the new sites compensate for the deleted ones.

How Many Different Types of Websites Are There?

When creating a page, the websites’ data confirms that people usually pick among five different categories:

  • Non-editable brochure website 
  • Editable brochure website
  • Editable and dynamic website with more user engagement
  • Ecommerce site 
  • Web application 

For the most part, the websites fall under one or more of the mentioned categories.

How Many Dating Websites Are There?

Matchmaking is one of the oldest industries that has evolved together with the Internet. Nowadays, single men and women of any age and sexual orientation can comfortably look for exciting new matches in or outside their area.

According to the latest statistics, about 1,500 dating apps and websites are active. Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid are among the most popular available options.

How Many Amazon Websites Are There? 

Amazon dominates the US ecommerce landscape and is the leading online retailer globally. The most recent Amazon statistics reveal the number of websites by country. 

Amazon’s operating sites are currently 20 and are located around Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UK, and the US. Due to the massive international success, Amazon would likely establish more websites in other countries.

How Many WordPress Websites Are There?

WordPress is a highly intuitive website builder for individual bloggers and businesses. It offers free tools for both beginners and professionals to create aesthetically pleasing and functional websites. According to recent blogging statistics, WordPress has about 64 million sites, an incredible number compared to its competitors, making it the leading website builder worldwide.

How Many Websites Are There on Google?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Google is the most used search engine in the world. Its primary purpose is to provide the user with the best matches. According to SEO statistics, the number of Google-hosted websites amounts to around 1.2 billion. Similarly, the individual web pages displayed are about 4.98 billion.

How Many Squarespace Websites Are There?

Thanks to its flexible pricing plans and features, Squarespace saw massive success over the past few years. Currently, the website counts about 2,173,288 in the US alone. 

Many small businesses and professionals — such as bloggers, restaurants, and web designers — use the platform to create good-looking websites for their businesses.

How Many Ecommerce Websites Are There?

The first online retail transaction occurred almost 30 years ago, and since then, this industry has continued to blossom. As for how many online commerce websites are there today — the ecommerce statistics estimated between 12 and 24 million online store sites in 2020.

While many businesses believe that this industry is highly competitive, the truth is only about a million online retailers reach more than $1,000 in annual revenue. So, there’s definitely room to grow in this industry.

How Many Online Gambling Websites Are There?

Whether it is sports betting, casino games, bingo, poker, or lottery, people try to find a fortune in gambling. Many offline enterprises decided to embrace the web, and the gambling industry is one of them. The American Gambling Association, also known as AGA, found that the total number of websites in this sector accounts for around 3,000 websites. Although online betting is a legal industry in 85 countries, online gambling transactions are not allowed by law in the US.

The Takeaway​

Nowadays, even experts find it hard to tell how many websites are there, as the Internet landscape keeps evolving. 

New websites are created every second, but they also get deactivated or left abandoned. As a result, statistics cannot deliver accurate data. But one thing is for sure — the web is in constant growth and has no indication of decline any time soon.


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