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20+ Little-Known LinkedIn Statistics for Businesses

by Elma

LinkedIn was first launched in 2003 and had a count of 20 new members a day for the longest time. But Sequoia Capital decided they are willing to invest $4.7 million in the firm. By 2005, LinkedIn started its first revenue-making operations in the form of job listings and premium accounts. In 2006, it was making money. 

In its most ambitious acquisition to this date, Microsoft paid $26.2 billion in cash and added the most prolific professional network in the world to their roster. The LinkedIn statistics for businesses we will present in this article will paint a picture of why Microsoft cites the business platform as one of its driving forces in ever-growing revenues.

The Essential LinkedIn for Business Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • Official LinkedIn reports show that over 706 million people currently use the platform. 
  • LinkedIn is used in 200 countries and regions around the world. 
  • Iceland has the highest audience reach on LinkedIn at 88%.
  • Around 94% of B2B marketers distribute their content on LinkedIn. 
  • Around 39% of LinkedIn members have purchased one of the premium accounts. 
  • Over 50% of members use LinkedIn on their mobile devices. 

LinkedIn Demographics

Linkedin Statistics for Businesses 2

1. Men count for 57% of LinkedIn users. 


The rest 43% identify as women. If we consider the US market only, the percentage is again slightly on the males’ side, with 29% compared to 24% American women on the platform. 

2. According to LinkedIn’s data, over 50 million companies use the platform.


Using LinkedIn for small business marketing is a popular strategy. LinkedIn announced that two million smaller companies put their trust in the platform to help them find and hire the best talents in their fields. In addition to those, there are over 706 million members listed, 20 million jobs posted, 90,000 schools, and 36,000 skills. 

3. LinkedIn also announced it’s used in 200 countries and regions around the globe.


LinkedIn user statistics show Asia has the most participants; out of 706 million users worldwide, over 190 million live there. North America is a close second, counting more than 189 million users, followed by Europe at 160, and Latin America at 104 million members. 

4. Just below half of all LinkedIn members use the platform monthly.


User statistics indicate that 46.97% of its members log into the app once a month. Additionally, 40% of those LinkedIn monthly active users visit the platform every day. 

5. Around 27% of adults in the US are signed up to LinkedIn.

(Pew Research)

While it won’t touch the numbers Facebook does anytime soon, LinkedIn still does a lot better than some other popular competitors like Snapchat (24%), Twitter (22%), and WhatsApp (20%) when it comes to market penetration. The number of users on LinkedIn grew by 2% compared to 2018.

6. LinkedIn boasts 90 million senior-level influencers on its platform.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

According to LinkedIn statistics, out of those 90 million, 17 million are considered opinion leaders, while 63 million are decision-makers in their respective companies. This puts any marketer (and member in general) in a great place to reach many relevant people and executives with their products or services.

7. Users spend over seven minutes per visit on LinkedIn.

(Similar Web)

From February to July 2020, LinkedIn received a total of 1.15 billion visits to its platform. However, LinkedIn business statistics imply that visitors don’t tend to dwell on it too long. Hence, marketers only have seven minutes and 46 seconds on average to make an impression on them.

8. Iceland has the highest audience reach on LinkedIn.


An incredible 88% of LinkedIn users in Iceland can be reached through ads. The US Virgin Islands and American Samoa are second and third, 69% and 65%, respectively. 

The US is in fifth place, with 62% of audience reach. Australia has 56%, and the UK has a 52% penetration rate.

9. LinkedIn profile statistics imply that a professional photo gets a page 14 times more views.

(Write Styles)

Just like dressing appropriately for a job interview is an essential factor when it comes to first impressions, the profile photo is what most people first see on your page. It goes without saying that branding is beneficial and gives more credibility when it comes to company pages. 


LinkedIn Advertising Statistics

Linkedin Statistics for Businesses 1

10. Around 94% of B2B marketers distribute their content on LinkedIn. 


This implies it’s the best B2B tool out of all social media platforms. Twitter, for example, is used by 89% advertisers, with Facebook and YouTube sharing third place at 77%. If you decide to share and distribute content, LinkedIn should be your first consideration.

Besides, LinkedIn business post statistics indicate it is also rated as the number one social media platform for lead generation. 

11. LinkedIn’s ads can reach over 11% of the adult population worldwide.

(Data Reportal)

The professional job networking platform has the most significant reach in the US. The latter is by far LinkedIn’s leading market, with runner-up India only having a share of an audience of 68 million, according to LinkedIn statistics for businesses.

12. Titles with 40–49 words perform the best on LinkedIn.

(Ok Dork)

Research showed that this title length works the best and has the most views per post on average: 17,240. Posts titled in 70–79 words were the least successful, as they reached 12,298 people on average. 

13. LinkedIn revenue in 2019 was almost $6.8 billion.


This marks significant growth since Microsoft acquired the company in 2016. The professional social network ended the fiscal year in 2017 with $2,271 billion. The number more than doubled the following year, scooping up $5,259 billion.

14. LinkedIn is the world’s most trusted social network. 

(Business Insider)

Good news for those using Linkedin for business marketing!

Business Insider conducted research in 2019, asking 1,974 survey participants to rank seven major social networks. The platforms were ranked based on security, legitimacy, community, user experience, shareability, and relevance. LinkedIn came first for the third year in a row, with Facebook taking the last spot out of seven networks.

15. Around 39% of LinkedIn members pay for one of the premium accounts. 


There are four options to choose from, depending on your needs and intent on the platform. They all cost different amounts, ranging from $29.99 for Premium Career to $79.99 for Sales Navigator Pro. One of the most popular options, the Linkedin Premium Business cost is $59.99. The most pricy account is for hiring – Recruiter Lite costs $119.59 per month. 

16. LinkedIn gets 1.26 of its total traffic from other social media networks. 

(Similar Web)

Most of that traffic comes from Facebook (35.45%). YouTube is in second place at 21.83%, with 15.90% from SlideShare, and 12.36% coming from Twitter.

17. Over 50% of members use LinkedIn on mobile devices. 


To be precise, 57% access the network this way. Therefore, it is essential to have your content optimized for mobile consumption, according to business advertising on Linkedin statistics. Having images and videos adjusted to being viewed without leaving the platform is a crucial step in optimization.

18. LinkedIn is one of the top choices for sales representatives to reach their prospects.


When asked about the most successful ways to reach their targets, 12% of sales representatives said it’s through LinkedIn, making it a better sales channel than Facebook (7%). This means that LinkedIn advertising options are all the more appealing. 

However, the best way to reach audiences is through telephone (36%) and email (30%).

19. Videos are an effective means to reach the target audience on LinkedIn.


Around 38% of marketers use videos in their posts, according to a Wyzowl’s study. Out of that 38%, three out of four found it an efficient way to engage with the platform’s audience. 

20. The best day to post on LinkedIn is Tuesday. 


While statistics show somewhat better engagement in the middle of the week, Tuesdays through Thursdays, what matters is putting out high-quality content. It is not unusual to see posts older than a week in your feed, and this is because the LinkedIn algorithm gives exposure to content that is engaging and conversation-starting. 

21. The cost per lead is 28% lower than on Google AdWords.


Knowing how effective LinkedIn Ads are for marketers, this cost gap makes using the professional platform a sensible choice. 

22. The average cost of CPC ads on LinkedIn is $5.26 per click.


LinkedIn advertising costs depend on three factors: target audience, bid, and ad relevance score. Understanding these factors can help you lower the price significantly. When it comes to different bidding types, CPM cost is $6.59 per 1000 impressions, while CPS is $0.80 per send. This type of customizable ad spending can be very beneficial for budget planning. 

23. The LinkedIn industry list includes 148 different niches. 


The industry with the most members on LinkedIn is Information Technology and Services. It counts for 4.9% of all users. While that is impressive, it should be noted that, according to the same 2016 study, IT’s share of members was 10.9%. Here’s how the top 10 looks like:

  • Information Technology and Services (4.9%)
  • Hospital & Health Care (3.7%)
  • Construction (3.6%)
  • Education Management (2.9%)
  • Retail (2.8%)
  • Financial Services (2.6%)
  • Accounting (2.4%)
  • Computer Software (2.2%)
  • Automotive (2.2%)
  • Higher Education (2.1%)

24. LinkedIn Sales Navigator statistics show that the feature is creating 45% more opportunities for businesses.

(Digital Marketing Institute)

Marketers also say that using Sales Navigator makes it 51% more likely to achieve their campaign goals. The feature is helping businesses create better relationships with consumers and better the customer retention statistics. It might be worth exploring your options with it, as there is a free 30-day trial available.


Although it doesn’t have the powerful presence and numbers of Facebook, LinkedIn brings its own set of possibilities and advantages to a business. In the field of professional networking, it’s unmatched at the moment. 

Its unique position among the competition gives LinkedIn an edge when it comes to B2B marketing campaigns, with 94% of companies using the platform to reach other businesses. 

All the LinkedIn trends presented in this article raise awareness regarding the advertising potential the platform has, especially when it comes to B2B marketing campaigns. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Professional networking is more crucial than ever. Nowadays, people have very low tolerance towards overly promotional content and advertising. They are a lot more likely to notice and engage with quality content that might help them and inform them about relevant topics. 

LinkedIn is one of the best channels for driving more traffic to company websites and businesses. Using LinkedIn for business development is a reality for 94% of B2B marketers already—more than any other social media platform. 

When it comes to pay-per-click pricing for job posts, LinkedIn has a model. 

There is an option to put an average daily budget for the job post, and this way, you are only charged for the number of views the posts receive, LinkedIn statistics for businesses imply.

A budget can be set in a different way as well: you can determine the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the job posting. Once the amount is spent, the job post is paused. You can then either invest additional money in it or close it. 

According to stats on LinkedIn users by country from 2019, the platform currently counts 706 million members in 200 countries and regions worldwide. Most of the users (190 million) come from the Asian continent. 

Another 189 million users live in North America, with Europe and Latin America counting for 160 and 104 million people, respectively. 

There are several ways to use LinkedIn for marketing your business and grow your engagement rates on the platform. Posting a variety of captivating content—visuals, in particular—can get you more attention in a feed full of long-form text. Images bring 98% higher comment rates.

Posting videos from YouTube results in a 75% higher share rate. 

Participating in your comment section is preferable as well, as it keeps the conversation going and drives higher engagement to your post.

Setting up a business page for your company on LinkedIn is free of charge. 

LinkedIn pages can give exposure to small and medium companies. LinkedIn statistics for businesses imply that setting up one is a good idea. It can benefit businesses in many ways. You can post job openings, share news and content, and link to your blog posts, thus driving more traffic to your website. 

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