Reddit Statistics: Traffic, Subreddits, Demographics, and More

Reddit is an American social network of communities that includes social news and works as a massive forum. Founded in 2005, Reddit has become one of the most influential social media out there.

Unlike other social platforms, Reddit focuses primarily on discussion and community engagement. It allows users to share posts, images, videos, and links in a subreddit—a community that includes users with common interests.

Top Reddit Statistics and Facts: Editor’s Choice

Reddit Demographics

The following demographics will show you how Reddit’s popularity allows people from different ages, genders, ethnicities, generations, and parts of the world to unite in one place to foster discussion on different topics.

1. Almost 50% of Redditors come from the US.

As of December 2020, Statista reported that the largest demographics of Reddit users were from the US. The UK earned second place with only 7.73%, and Canada placed third with 7.52%. Australia and Germany made up 3.85% and 3.12% of the worldwide population, respectively.

2. Around 36% of US Redditors are aged 18–29.

Age demographics on Reddit demonstrate that young adults are the largest group of people using this platform. Users aged 30–49 come right behind with 22%. Only 3% of Redditors belong to the over 65 age range. 

3. Nearly 12% of American women are on Reddit.

Although this figure might not sound reassuring, the difference in the number of Reddit users between men and women is not that huge. Generally, men are twice as likely as women to spend their time on Reddit. As a matter of fact, US men constitute 23% of the total users on the platform.

4. Hispanics constitute the majority of users on Reddit, with approximately 14%.

The most recent Reddit demographics claim that Hispanic Redditors constitute the leading ethnicity using the platform in the US. White adults come right after, with 12% of Redditors subscribed to the social media network. In addition, African-American users account for a mere 4% of the total.

5. About 15% of Redditors have a higher college education.

Apart from age, gender, and ethnicity, Statista also sorted Redditors by education. Considering that the average age of a Reddit user ranges from the 20s to the 30s, it’s only normal that the vast majority of Americans subscribed on the platform have a college degree. High school graduates represent the smallest group of users, with only 6%.

6. A good 26% of Gen Zers are on Reddit.

Unsurprisingly, Gen Z is the most active generation on Reddit—here’s why. Unlike older generations, Gen Zers are drawn on platforms that primarily focus on user engagement and discussions. 

More than half of people belonging to Gen Z use Reddit. About 44% are active on Twitter, 40% on Snapchat, and 38% on Facebook and Instagram.

Subreddit and Traffic Stats

Reddit’s discussion-based nature differs from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Since the Reddit launch date in 2005, the two founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian have created a highly engaging platform designed to target specific communities, also known as subreddits.

7. Reddit has more than 52 million daily active users worldwide.

Over the past few years, these Reddit figures saw a staggering growth of users and video viewers. According to Reddit traffic statistics, this user-mark registers a 30% year-over-year increase—an enormous leap compared to the 2 million users recorded back in 2008.

In addition to that, the average number of video views amounts to over 50 billion.

8. Reddit gets over 46.7 million searches every day.

Reddit also serves as a search engine on its own. The most recent report detected that Reddit traffic counts millions of searches conducted every day regardless of the content.

Additionally, 2.8 million comments and 58 million votes are made daily among 138,000 active communities.

9. In 2020, Redditors uploaded 303.4 million posts.

Compared to the 199 million annual posts registered in 2019, Reddit statistics prove that the platform has increased up to a staggering 52.4% year-over-year. This means that this social media platform is continually growing and becoming more popular.

10. A whopping 70% of Reddit video views come from mobile. 

The mobile experience provides users with instant and real-time access from everywhere and at any time.

Unsurprisingly, these Reddit user statistics stated that most video views on the platform happen on mobile. In the current digital era, mobile is the preferred device for any kind of activity, including social networking.

11. In total, there are 2.9 million subreddits.

As the name suggests, a subreddit is a subcategory of Reddit. The number of subreddits created has massively grown since the previous years.

Subreddits cover a significant range of topics and interests, from the most basic to more specific ones. However, not all of those communities are active—a mere 140,000 are currently running on the platform.

12. Subreddits that post or receive at least five comments per day are considered active.

The most active subreddits are constantly dynamic and engaging, thanks to the number of comments they keep receiving. An active subreddit needs to have five or more comments in order to stay in the community count of the website.

The number of subscribers is responsible for classifying subreddits. The best engaging topics on Reddit involve humor, gaming, news, science, and Reddit itself.

Apart from /r/announcements, the top three most subscribed subreddits also include /r/funny and /r/AskReddit, with 35.5 and 31.37 million subscribers, respectively. The /r/gaming subreddit places fourth with 29.31 million subscribers.

Reddit Content: Facts and Figures

Reddit combines news, social networking, and an engaging community in one massive platform. Images, videos, text, and links are among the most used content by Redditors.

Let’s see what the numbers say.

14. The best-performing Reddit posts are under 120 characters.

The Foundation Marketing statistics on Reddit report that posts with 60–80 title characters generate the most upvotes. On the other hand, titles with either more than 120 or shorter than 20 characters are most likely to receive the lowest upvotes.

Unsurprisingly, external links are responsible for driving the most engagement. In fact, these fascinating Reddit statistics show that the top-performing posts with external links produce over 16,000 more upvotes than the most popular text posts, which account for a total of 19,828 upvotes.

16. Questions get two times more comments than regular posts.

Apart from upvotes and clicks, Redditors can engage in conversations through comments as well. With this in mind, Reddit users who use questions in their posts are more likely to produce many more comments than a regular text post.

17. Redditors spend, on average, 10 minutes and 23 seconds on the platform. 

Redditors can spend their time upvoting, posting, commenting, or reading about the topics they are most interested in. According to these Reddit user numbers, subscribers visit over eight different pages. However, about 38% of Redditors leave the website only after browsing a single page.

Advertising on Reddit and Additional Statistics

18. Reddit’s net worth is expected to reach $2 billion in 2021.

Thanks to its engaging content and news aggregation, Reddit revenue has seen extraordinary results over the past years. This figure is more than a satisfying milestone for an online company like Reddit. Moreover, Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman invested $200 million in Silicon Valley and other funding companies.

19. Reddit ads can cost anywhere between $0.20 and $100 per thousand impressions.

The Reddit advertising cost can vary depending on the price for a thousand impressions. Additionally, Redditors can spend a minimum of $5 a day in advertising to promote their company.

Ads are a very effective strategy, as they target specific subreddits and the cost is, all in all, affordable.

20. The best time to post on Reddit is on Monday from 6–8 am.

Weekends are also a good choice if you want to get the most from your posts. While Saturdays gain the most upvotes and visits between 7–9 am, Sundays make their best after 8 am.

Considering that most Redditors come from the US, it’s important to coordinate the right time zones to get the most visits, clicks, and upvotes from your posts.

Reddit Statistics: The Takeaway

Reddit has become home for a gazillion of people, ready to discuss and share their opinions on various topics. This platform creates a dialogue for anyone out there—movies, culture, sports, and animals are only some of the main topics covered.

As previously mentioned in our list of Reddit statistics, this platform has seen significant popularity among young users in the past few years. But, what is the perspective for the future? Will this social media network continue to improve its performance? The answer is yes. In the next few years, Reddit is expected to enhance video adoption and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Reddit been around?

Based in San Francisco, this platform has been around for about 15 years. Initially created by Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz in 2005, Reddit was intended to be a completely different social network than the popular Facebook and Twitter. Contrary to the conventional social platforms, Reddit indeed provides several communities, known as “subreddits,” where people with the same interests can connect, discuss exciting topics, share media, upvote or downvote posts, advertise, and much more.

How many subreddits are there?

In 2008, Reddit introduced a new exciting and unique feature—users can create their own areas of discussion, known as subreddits. This wise maneuver raised the company to levels that have never been seen before on this platform.

There are over 2.4 million subreddits that have been created since then, covering a vast range of fascinating topics from general (movies, gaming, art, etc.) to more specific ones. Unfortunately, most of these communities have been left inactive—only 140,000 of them are currently functioning.

How many users are there on Reddit?

Since its launch date, Reddit has become an ideal place to discuss, communicate, and cross any cultural border. As of today, Statista claimed that Reddit counts around 430 million active users on a monthly basis.

It’s not a secret that freedom of expression is the top reason why this platform has become so successful, especially among Americans. Thanks to the staggering number of active users, it’s only normal that Reddit is now ranking 13th in the most popular social networks worldwide chart.

When is the best time to post on Reddit?

Every Redditor aims at getting the maximum number of upvotes. But how is this possible? Choosing the right time and day is an essential clue for gaining the most attention from the Reddit community. 

Based on X-Cart, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday early mornings are proven to be the perfect moments to upload a post on Reddit. As most Redditors come from the US, users from foreign countries need to adapt to their time zone.

What age group uses Reddit the most?

It’s not surprising that the biggest slice of Redditors is composed of a young audience. The most recent data reported by Statista confirmed that nearly 36% of Americans on Reddit are Gen Zers and millennials aged 18–29.

However, older millennials and Gen Xers aged 30–49 rank second with 22% of total users. On the other hand, Reddit is not popular among over 65 Americans. This age group constitutes a mere 3% of all US Redditors out there.

How to get traffic from Reddit?

Reddit is a perfect platform to generate traffic—here’s why. The most active users browse the website for an average of 10 minutes and 23 seconds, suggesting that they spend enough time engaging with posts, sharing media, and positively or negatively rating content on the platform.

Companies can take this information to their advantage. As people continuously engage with content, businesses can create targeted advertisements, promote their products and services on the platform, and connect with Redditors.

Does Reddit make money?

Nowadays, Reddit stands at the same level as social media giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube.

Thanks to the gigantic activity of users, Reddit is winning a tremendous amount of money. According to the newest figures reported by MD Daily Record, the company is estimated to hit a whopping $2 billion in revenue.

The number has also seen considerable growth due to essential investments in Silicon Valley and other funding institutions.

Who uses Reddit the most?

As previously mentioned, the most significant percentage of Redditors by country comes from the US, with approximately 49.91%, followed by the United Kingdom with 7.91%, Canada with 7.41%, and Australia with only 3.94%. 

As for gender, Reddit statistics indicate that American men are the most passionate and dynamic Redditors, with 23% against 12% of women. Yet, the gap between the two is not as huge and will slowly close in the near future.


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