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13 Interesting TikTok Statistics You Need in 2020

by Darko

If you thought TikTok was only a passing fad, you might want to think again, especially after going over these game-changing TikTok statistics we’ve compiled for you. They may surprise and shock you because what was once seen as a temporary thing is not just here to stay – it’s actually reshaping branding strategies for the better. 

Here’s the deal: 

Created by ByteDance, TikTok was launched in September 2016 in the Chinese market with the name Douyin, which means “shaking sound.” TikTok, the international version of Douyin, is an Android and iOS media app for creating and sharing short videos.


TikTok is a completely new subculture and currently the fastest growing social media platform worldwide. It provides users with a platform to create short and innovative videos with music, filters, and tons of other features. 

So, this app presents an alternative to online sharing. It’s fun, trendy, and incredibly addictive. 

Let’s take a look at some fascinating TikTok app statistics to understand its growing popularity across the world:

Astonishing TikTok Stats (Editor’s Choice)

  • TikTok has more than 500 million active users. 
  • TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world.
  • 50% of TikTok’s global audience is under 34 years of age, and 26% is between 18 and 24.
  • It is used by people in 155 countries and available in 75 languages.
  • ByteDance reported $7 billion in revenue in the first half of 2019.

TikTok Usage Stats

TikTok is an eclectic world that welcomes everyone – from gamers to dancers, comedians, actors, influencers, singers, and kids obsessed with memes. It’s a platform that opens doors to creativity for everyone, which is primarily what keeps people hooked and coming back for more. 

Here are some impressive insights that can make you realize that now is the best time to post on TikTok

1. TikTok has more than 500 million active users. 


Although ByteDance has not officially published the latest number of TikTok monthly active users, the figure is estimated at over half a billion, which was the global monthly active user count in mid-2018. 

What’s more, there were 1.5 billion downloads on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in 2018, followed by 614 million unique installs in 2019.  

2. There are 26.5 million TikTok active monthly users in the US.


If you are wondering how many people use TikTok in the US, you now have your answer. While this represents a small percentage of the global total, the number has been growing steadily. 

3. The average time spent on TikTok is at least 52 minutes daily. 

(Business of Apps)

People don’t just download the app – they use it far more actively than you might think it fast. Additionally, users access it over eight times a day. 

4. 90% of TikTok users visit the application more than once daily to share or create videos.


Visiting your social media profile to simply browse the feed is one thing – actively creating and distributing content is quite another. The fact that nine out of ten Tiktot users do that on a daily basis is crazy – imagine the kind of brand exposure TikTok can provide your business! 

5. TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world.

(Sensor Tower)

As of the first quarter of 2019, app usage statistics showed TikTok was the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store, beating the likes of YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. But, there’s much more to the app. It is also TikTok’s fifth consecutive quarter as the most downloaded app on the Apple Store, TikTok statistics reveal.

The thing is:

This shows that TikTok has not only been successful in retaining its current user base but is continuously evolving to attract more users. So, if you’re not on TikTok yet, it’s about time you created an account. As the user base of TikTok continues to grow and expand, your business has the perfect opportunity to tap the market and reap the benefits. 

6. 55% of users upload a video once they log on to TikTok. 

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

It gets better:

55% of TikTok users upload videos as soon as they log in, while 54% leave comments on the videos watched, and 50% share them. 

How about that for engagement!

7. There were more than 1 million videos viewed every day on TikTok in 2018.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

This is proof in itself that business owners looking to conquer the digital landscape need to start paying attention to this social media platform and add TikTok marketing to their marketing plans. Since viral videos are the most popular type of content on TikTok, there is huge potential to create low-cost viral marketing campaigns for your brand. 

TikTok Demographics & User Insights

Now that we know that TikTok is being actively used by people, let’s dig deeper to see who’s using it and where most of the traffic on this app is coming from.

8. 50% of TikTok’s global audience is under the age of 34.

(MarketingCharts and Diggiday)

Statistics show that half of the audience on TikTok is below the age of 34, with 26% between 18 and 24, which makes it the go-to platform for brands that want to reach out to teens and young adults. Furthermore, 60% of the US audience is between 16 and 24. When it comes to the gender divide, 56% of the users on TikTok are male, and 44% female. 

Key takeaway:

TikTok is focused on engaging younger audiences, both male and female. The app creators understand the preferences and habits of Gen Z and Millennials, providing them with what they want—a fun platform to showcase their creativity. According to the most recent TikTok statistics, this presents a great opportunity for brands to go where the younger audience is. 

9. TikTok is used by people in 155 countries and available in 75 languages.


TikTok is taking over the world! While the app originated in China, it is now available in 155 countries and in 75 different languages, covering a large part of the world’s population. 

The creators of the app have managed to gather a huge audience in very little time while growing into new markets. From east to west, TikTok is growing in popularity everywhere, especially in Asia.

And one country in particular is a gold mine:

10. India is the main driver of TikTok Downloads

(Sensor Tower)

Did you know that India has over 20 million active users? In fact, India is the main driver of downloads for TikTok, with 31% of all the unique installs coming from the country, followed by China and the US.

So, if you jump on the bandwagon like all the other brands using TikTok, you now know where the fastest-growing audiences are. All you need to do is capitalize on these trends by creating platform-specific content to target your audience and make profits. It’s as easy and simple as it can be.

Check this out:

Some of the brands making the most of TikTok and bringing in massive revenues include Guess, Elf Cosmetics, NBA, Washington Post, GymShark, HP, NFL, Calvin Klein and more.

TikTok Statistics - teens

TikTok Revenue, Market Value, and Influencers

TikTok is working for everyone—owners, influencers, and brands. 

What’s not to like?

So, let’s talk about TikTok’s market value and growth, shall we?

11. ByteDance reported $7 billion in revenue in the first half of the year 2019.


TikTok has been churning revenues for all. China’s ByteDance, the owner, booked revenue of over $7 billion in a better-than-expected result for the first half of 2019. That’s huge!  

In fact, robust TikTok growth has now led the company to revise its revenue targets for 2019.

12. Influencers charge around $600- $1000 per post. 


This may seem like a lot, but it’ actually worth every dime. One of the best ways to create a buzz about your brand and get people talking about it is to get help from TikTok influencers. Use them to ensure your content reaches out to a much broader and well-targeted audience. 

The thing is:

Fifa, Calvin Klein, Coca Cola, and Sony are among the dozens of leading brands that have taken advantage of influencer marketing campaigns. So, why don’t you join them? 

Although TikTok influencers with 2.5 million followers charge around $600 to $1000 per post, the exposure can prove priceless.

13. TikTok advertising campaigns start at $5000/month. 


According to TikTok, advertising campaigns start at $5000 per month, which is a 3-month commitment. For the promotion of a hashtag challenge, TikTok recommends users to spend an additional $100,000. 


This sum may seem big in the beginning, but the returns are bigger. Hashtag challenges are great because they prompt engagement and go viral at once. They are both simple to join in and super fun. This presents the perfect chance for newly launched brands or small businesses to go big and create brand awareness in an exciting and memorable way like never before. 

In addition to this, you can consider using influencers to help kick-start your hashtag challenge campaign.

For more on this topic, check out these impressive influencer marketing statistics to get the know-how. 

What’s more:

Brands can also cash in on TikTok ads, which will help direct users to their websites or an app page in the app store. For user engagement, TikTok provides brands the opportunity to create branded AR lenses, stickers, and filters exclusively for TikTok users to insert into their video content. TikTok has what it takes to get people hooked and engaged. It offers businesses the chance to connect with their audiences in a new, engaging and fun way.


Based on the latest TikTok stats, the massive popularity of this social media platform can’t be overlooked. 

The fact is: 

It’s growing year after year. TikTok is not a fluke – rather, it is the next big thing. So, if you want to increase your market reach, brand exposure, and target Gen Z and Millennials, TikTok should be a vital part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Bottom line:

The app is designed to meet the needs of modern users. It caters to audiences looking for new and exciting ways to connect and interact with brands. And clearly, the increasing number of downloads and the TikTok statistics that we just shared with you show that it is hitting the right notes with online users across the world.

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