How to Cancel a Twitch Subscription You No Longer Want

How to Cancel Twitch Subscription

Twitch is well known for being a streaming platform home to gamers, musicians, vloggers, and even chefs. All streamers on the platform that have reached the Affiliate status can have subscribers that allow viewers to support their favorite streamers directly. But sometimes you have to cancel that sub. So, whether you can’t afford it at … Read more

Dead Cat Bounce Meaning, Origin, and Causes

Dead Cat Bounce Meaning

A dead cat bounce is a phenomenon that investors sometimes see in the stock market. It’s essentially a short-term uptick in prices followed by a sharp drop. Some people believe that this occurs because of emotional trading—investors see the price go up and get excited, only to sell when it drops again. Others think there’s … Read more

What Is OTT Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

What Is OTT Advertising

If you have ever binge-watched your favorite TV shows on HBO or similar streaming platforms, you have probably encountered over-the-top video content. OTT ads, also known as streaming TV ads, use streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc., to deliver advertising content directly to users, bypassing the traditional cable set box that is generally seen … Read more

YouTube Music vs. Spotify–Which Is Better?

YouTube Music vs. Spotify

If you’re trying to decide between Spotify or YouTube Music, it’s important to know the key differences between the two platforms. YouTube Music is newer but has the advantage of YouTube’s already established content. Spotify has been around longer and has a different approach to content.  So, if you are torn between which one to … Read more