Leadership Statistics: Training, Demographics, and COVID-19

Leadership Stats

Businesses primarily rely on their leaders for expertise and timely decisions, especially during a crisis. No wonder leadership is one of the most discussed topics. Here are some of the questions that pop into people’s minds when talking about leadership. Are leaders self-made or naturally born? What’s the secret behind good leadership? How has leadership … Read more

Small Business Statistics: COVID-19, Revenue, and Failure Rates

Small Business Statistics

Turning your business idea into a flourishing multi-million dollar corporation may seem incredibly challenging—but these statistics prove it’s not impossible. If you are thinking of starting your own company, the first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the latest business trends. Learning the industry’s ropes and finding out how other startups made … Read more

Etsy Statistics: Buyers Demographics, Revenues, and Sales

Etsy Statistics

Whenever you think of Etsy, knitted scarves and hand-painted mugs are some of the things that come into your mind. Although Etsy offers many handmade goods, it also provides a much more extensive range of products. With millions of sellers, from new creators to well-established retailers, Etsy has recently become one of the most famous … Read more

Customer Retention Statistics: Brands and Industries

Customer Retention Statistics

Customer retention plays a central role in the profitability and growth of the brand. Nowadays, companies need to provide outstanding customer service to meet the audience’s high standards. Putting the customer as a top priority is the only way to ensure retention and loyalty. However, customer retention statistics show how satisfying existing customers is becoming … Read more

Entrepreneur Statistics: Demographics, Success Rate, COVID-19

Entrepreneur Statistics

Becoming an entrepreneur can seem frightening. It requires dedication, grit, and countless hours of hard work. However, while you are guaranteed to face numerous obstacles along the way—especially during the pandemic—starting your own business is far from impossible, and millions of entrepreneurs worldwide are excellent proof of that. If you’re preparing to take the plunge … Read more

US Retail Industry Statistics: Trends, Market Share, Global Value

us retail industry stats

The following US retail industry statistics will show you how retail is undergoing a profound transformation. Before digging into these statistics, let’s see what retail means. Retail is a type of commerce where companies offer goods and services directly to their customers by using different distribution channels. Nowadays, there’s a relatively thin line between online … Read more

Yelp Statistics: Demographics, Advertising, Categories

yelp stats

While friends and family referrals still have a considerable impact on people’s purchasing decisions, people turn to online reviews more often than ever—just one negative review can significantly hurt your sales. On the plus side, customers’ reviews are an opportunity to understand people’s needs and improve your online reputation. Top Yelp Statistics: Editor’s Choice Yelp … Read more

Small Business Employment Statistics: Importance of SMB

small business employment statistics

Many people want to start their own company to break free from the workplace rules and fulfill their dreams. The best chance to do that is to open a small business. However, many aspects of a business, including employment itself, can be overwhelming at first. The following statistics demonstrate that more and more employees work … Read more

Sales Statistics: Cars, Books, Guns, and More

sales statistics

When the coronavirus broke out, the rapid shift in consumer behavior forced the sales industry to take on a new form never experienced before. Many businesses had to pivot their strategies and adapt to online markets in order to stay afloat. While some industries flourished in the wake of stay-at-home orders, others simply couldn’t survive … Read more

Cosmetics Industry Statistics and Facts: Makeup, Skincare, Fragrances

cosmetics industry statistics

Is natural and organic the new trend, or is affordability what everyone’s raving about? Beauty brands are getting more innovative, while the number of products is rising. These days, it’s hard to stay away from purchasing and becoming a part of that multi-billion-dollar industry. The statistics below highlight some of the most exciting and captivating … Read more

Local Business Statistics: Economic Impact, Benefits, Failure

Local Business Statistics

Small businesses are an essential part of every local economy. If consumers support local businesses, a substantial amount of money will stay in the community. Owning a local business may seem overwhelming, but it’s possible to succeed if you gather all the necessary information—let’s start here. Top Local Business Statistics: Editor’s Choice General Facts About … Read more