Business Failure Statistics: Failure Rates by Country and Industry, and More

business failure statistics

If you’re preparing to start a company or you’ve recently started one, there are a couple of things you need to know from the get-go. Although more complicated, building a successful business in 2021 is not impossible. Consequently, the best way to make a robust development plan is by familiarizing yourself with some facts and … Read more

Customer Service Statistics: Social Media, Quality, Benefits

Customer Service Statistics

When someone says “customer service,” the first thing that comes to mind is the frustration of waiting on the phone and having to repeat your issue to several agents before receiving help.  Companies all over the world are now fighting to erase this negative image of customer service. The latest figures in this text will … Read more

Branding Statistics: Personal and Audio Branding, Benefits

branding statistics

Branding statistics show that the company’s logo and products are not the only factors that define branding. Customer experience and storytelling are an essential part of it as well.  It can be challenging to understand the importance of branding your business—many companies can’t adequately explain what they do and how they do it. If a … Read more

Reputation Management Statistics: Impact of Negative Reviews

Reputation Management Stats

Online reputation management has become an essential step of any business strategy, as customer satisfaction is unavoidable in companies’ growth potential. The online feedback you get can be your most powerful tool, but it can also lead to devastating failures. The following statistics will serve as an informational and cautionary insight into the world of … Read more

B2B Marketing Statistics: Content Strategy, Email Marketing, and More

B2B Marketing Statistics

If one marketing aspect stands out from all others, it’s the audience you intend to target. If you fail to connect with your chosen demographic, you’ll be scooping up prospects like water with a sieve. B2B marketing entails catering to a unique audience that expects specific things from you. It demands a deep understanding to … Read more

Customer Experience Statistics: B2B, Value, and Trends

Customer Experience Statistics

Customer experience has become essential for every business because customers want to feel appreciated. It matters more than other factors, such as price or a vast selection of products. The following customer experience statistics show that this is not only a trend. It’s a fundamental component that helps companies understand how they must operate. They … Read more

Startup Statistics: US and Globally

Startup Statistics

Startup statistics offer an essential insight into the business world to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to take the world by storm with their inspiring ideas. Most people take the entrepreneurship route without fully appreciating how difficult it is to establish a company and make it successful. Several factors determine whether your business will thrive. Knowing the … Read more