How to Remove a Credit Card from Amazon: Instructions for Every Platform

How to Delete a Credit Card from Amazon

If you’re one of 310 million active Amazon users, you probably have your credit card as a payment method. But what if you want to remove it? Whether you’re removing your credit card for security reasons or because you want to change your payment method on Amazon, deleting it is a relatively simple process. So … Read more

Airbnb Superhost: Everything You Need to Know

airbnb superhost

Ever since it was founded in 2008, Airbnb has seen massive success with over 5.6 million host listings, and one billion stays booked by its guests. The platform aims to connect people looking for short-term stays worldwide to those with extra space and willing to rent—from bedrooms in their house or an entire loft suite! … Read more

What Is Amazon Digital Service Charge: Avoid the Unnecessary Costs in 2022

What Is Amazon Digital Service Charge

It’s not a secret that Amazon is one of the most influential digital powerhouses. The platform offers a plethora of services that can be quite convenient in your everyday life. However,  subscribing to so many different services can come with a huge downfall—charges might not be immediately clear. For this reason, this article will tell … Read more

Web Design Statistics 2022: Users, Market, and Mobile Experience

Web Design Statistics

Websites are a crucial component of a successful online presence for businesses. While elements like color and layout seem minor when looking at the larger picture, multiple studies have shown how visual coordination affects the potential buyer’s decision on whether your business is trustworthy and of sufficient quality. From loading speed to colors, your target … Read more

Voice Search Statistics: History, Emerging Trends, and COVID-19

Voice Search Statistics

Voice search technology has been long hailed as the future of internet browsing. The first mainstream solution in voice search came with Siri’s development and presentation, Apple’s popular voice assistant app. Its success has initiated a stream of changes and progress in voice technology, as Apple’s rivals sought to put out competitive, high-quality apps of … Read more