Blogging Statistics: How to Improve Your Online Presence

blogging stats

Developing a successful business is unimaginable without an online presence today—a reality that is determined, among many things, by your content marketing strategy. Companies that stick to a regular publishing schedule and offer genuinely valuable insights to their audience tend to get significantly more traffic than their market competitors that don’t practice blogging. Need more … Read more

Shopify Statistics: Market Growth, Sales, Trends in 2022

shopify statistics

Online shopping has been gaining popularity over the last few years, becoming an everyday habit for many people. The pandemic and lockdown measures contributed to the rising trend. Shopify is among the most popular ecommerce platforms, with millions of users worldwide. To get a better picture of where Shopify is heading, check out the following … Read more

Social Commerce Statistics: Market Size, Ecommerce, and Demographics in 2022

social commerce stats

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become important channels for advertising, growing social media following, and ecommerce. This type of marketing, commonly known as social commerce, uses social media platforms to promote products and generate sales leads.  If you’re curious about how powerful social commerce is, check out the following statistics and facts. Top Social Commerce … Read more

Ecommerce Statistics: Growth, COVID-19, and More

Ecommerce Statistics

The following ecommerce statistics will show you why this industry is thriving and how it has redefined the way we shop. First of all, ecommerce is defined as the process of buying or selling products online. It includes four traditional business models: business to consumer, business to business, consumer to business, and consumer to consumer. … Read more

Amazon Statistics: Sales, Advertising, Demographics

Amazon Statistics

The following Amazon statistics reveal an impressive picture of this multinational company. Originally an online bookseller, Amazon is now well-known for being the most influential and flourishing ecommerce and marketplace around the world. The secret behind Amazon’s incredible expansion and international success stands in its continuously evolving strategy and technological improvements—read all about insane numbers … Read more

Etsy Statistics: Buyers Demographics, Revenues, and Sales

Etsy Statistics

Whenever you think of Etsy, knitted scarves and hand-painted mugs are some of the things that come into your mind. Although Etsy offers many handmade goods, it also provides a much more extensive range of products. With millions of sellers, from new creators to well-established retailers, Etsy has recently become one of the most famous … Read more

Mcommerce Statistics: Trends, Online vs. Traditional Shopping

Mcommerce Stats

As mobile commerce has been growing massively in recent years, it’s inevitable to talk about mcommerce statistics. It’s no surprise that this new industry has flourished over the last few years, surpassing online desktop shopping. Mobile commerce, also known as mcommerce, refers to the process of buying and selling products by using mobile devices, such … Read more

Customer Retention Statistics: Brands and Industries

Customer Retention Statistics

Customer retention plays a central role in the profitability and growth of the brand. Nowadays, companies need to provide outstanding customer service to meet the audience’s high standards. Putting the customer as a top priority is the only way to ensure retention and loyalty. However, customer retention statistics show how satisfying existing customers is becoming … Read more

Landing Page Conversion Rates: B2B, Industry Rates, Optimization

Landing Page Conversion Rates

Landing pages are an essential lead generation and sales tool for marketers and businesses. However, according to landing page conversion rates, your business is likely to suffer without a good landing page. To see the benefits of marketing optimization, you need to make your landing page come alive.  First and foremost, you must follow specific … Read more

US Retail Industry Statistics: Trends, Market Share, Global Value

us retail industry stats

The following US retail industry statistics will show you how retail is undergoing a profound transformation. Before digging into these statistics, let’s see what retail means. Retail is a type of commerce where companies offer goods and services directly to their customers by using different distribution channels. Nowadays, there’s a relatively thin line between online … Read more

Cosmetics Industry Statistics and Facts: Makeup, Skincare, Fragrances

cosmetics industry statistics

Is natural and organic the new trend, or is affordability what everyone’s raving about? Beauty brands are getting more innovative, while the number of products is rising. These days, it’s hard to stay away from purchasing and becoming a part of that multi-billion-dollar industry. The statistics below highlight some of the most exciting and captivating … Read more