Customer Service Statistics: Social Media, Quality, Benefits

Customer Service Statistics

When someone says “customer service,” the first thing that comes to mind is the frustration of waiting on the phone and having to repeat your issue to several agents before receiving help.  Companies all over the world are now fighting to erase this negative image of customer service. The latest figures in this text will … Read more

Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics: Rates per Industry, Device, and Region

Shopping cart abandonment statistics

Shopping cart abandonment is an ecommerce term used to describe a situation where a visitor leaves a website in the middle of the checkout process, meaning they don’t complete their purchase. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of pain for online businesses. Take a look at some of the most significant facts and figures to understand … Read more

Customer Experience Statistics: B2B, Value, and Trends

Customer Experience Statistics

Customer experience has become essential for every business because customers want to feel appreciated. It matters more than other factors, such as price or a vast selection of products. The following customer experience statistics show that this is not only a trend. It’s a fundamental component that helps companies understand how they must operate. They … Read more