Dead Cat Bounce Meaning, Origin, and Causes

Dead Cat Bounce Meaning

A dead cat bounce is a phenomenon that investors sometimes see in the stock market. It’s essentially a short-term uptick in prices followed by a sharp drop. Some people believe that this occurs because of emotional trading—investors see the price go up and get excited, only to sell when it drops again. Others think there’s … Read more

How to Calculate Real Interest Rate in 2022: Formula and Example

how to calculate real interest rate

In order to understand how to calculate real interest rate, it is essential first to understand the difference between nominal and real interest rates. Nominal interest rate is the amount of money you earn on your investment, while real interest rate takes inflation into account. Inflation is a rise in prices that occurs when the … Read more

Credit Card Statistics: Usage, Debt, Trends in 2022

Credit Card Stats

Credit cards are gaining more popularity as a payment option every year due to the security, convenience, and speed advantages they offer. Furthermore, they are a handy tool that substitutes carrying large sums of cash. However, it is essential to acknowledge all sides to this payment method. This article will provide you with valuable credit … Read more

Minimum Wage Statistics: Growth, Demographics, US vs. Worldwide in 2022

Minimum Wage Statistics

A minimum wage is a legally dictated minimum hourly wage on a federal level that an employer has to pay to covered employees. However, some states have their own legally mandated minimum wages that differ from the federal one. In the past few years, the possible increase in the minimum wage has been a trendy … Read more

US Income Statistics: Personal, Household, Inequality

US Income Statistics

The middle class in the US and around the world is slowly diminishing. You probably hear this all the time. Even though there’s no actual definition of what constitutes the middle class in the US, one thing is clear—many people above the poverty line and below wealthy status are struggling. US income trends suggest that … Read more

Self-Employment Statistics: Demographics and COVID-19

self-employment stats

The latest self-employment statistics indicate that more and more people decide to abandon traditional employment and work independently. Being your own boss can be a great way to round out your career and improve your specific talents and interests. It also allows you to set your schedule and workplace expectations. Did you know that one … Read more

Startup Statistics: US and Globally

Startup Statistics

Startup statistics offer an essential insight into the business world to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to take the world by storm with their inspiring ideas. Most people take the entrepreneurship route without fully appreciating how difficult it is to establish a company and make it successful. Several factors determine whether your business will thrive. Knowing the … Read more