Facebook Live Stats: Users, Engagement, Fun Facts

Facebook Live Stats

Compared to other platforms, Facebook Live came a little late to the live streaming scene—in 2016, to be more specific. However, these facts and figures show you how far Facebook Live has come since then. Top Facebook Live Stats: Editor’s Choice Facebook Live Statistics: Users and Engagement Facebook Live isn’t just another fantastic feature on … Read more

Facebook Video Statistics: Viewers, Advertising, and More

Facebook Video Stats

Video is one of the most important tools a content marketer has in 2020. Combine that with the sheer potential of Facebook’s advertising platform, and you can reach an audience of thousands of people in a single campaign. Facebook video statistics we have gathered in this article show that this is the platform to use—it’s … Read more

Lead Nurturing Statistics: B2B, Inbound Leads

Lead Nurturing Statistics

Most marketers focus on nurturing high-quality leads and guiding customers throughout the process. However, any missteps in lead nurturing marketing can be fatal for companies that aren’t well established. Automation can significantly help overcome these challenges as tools get better and more sophisticated over the years. The following statistics will help you understand the impact … Read more

Influencer Marketing Spend: Should You Invest in Influencers?

Influencer Marketing Spend

Brands and bloggers are always looking for new ways to generate revenue and website traffic.  Influencer marketing is already an established form of online marketing because influencers have built bridges between brands and audiences.  This is why marketers have seized the opportunity to work with influencers. Top Influencer Marketing Spend Facts and Figures: Editor’s Choice … Read more

Facebook Advertising Statistics: Ads, Visuals, Cost, and More

facebook advertising statistics

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has been the most used social media platform and the best place to advertise products and services. Despite the growing competition, Facebook keeps increasing its user base. The following facts and figures will highlight how this social network benefits your business and why you should use it for promoting … Read more

Affiliate Marketing Statistics: Income Report, Social Media Usage, and More

Affiliate Marketing Statistics

While marketing trends have changed and evolved over the years, the fact remains that starting an affiliate business can be done on a small budget. It does take quite a significant time investment to set it up. Is it worth exploring opportunities in affiliate marketing? Did anything change in 2021? Is it still a profitable … Read more

LinkedIn Statistics: Company, Users, Demographics

Linkedin Statistics

LinkedIn is one of the largest networking platforms in the world. It helps job seekers find employment based on their area of expertise, and businesses hire new talent. The latest LinkedIn statistics reveal that the platform is used by millions of people worldwide, making it an ideal place to create new networking connections, raise your … Read more

Instagram Stories Stats: Post vs. Story, IGTV, Instagram Live

Instagram Stories Stats

Since its establishment in October 2010, Instagram has become much more than just a photo-sharing platform. Over the past decade, it has launched new and exciting formats, such as Instagram Stories and IGTV. The latest Instagram Stories stats suggest that this feature has become such a powerful tool for connecting with followers and customers. Despite … Read more

Branding Statistics: Personal and Audio Branding, Benefits

branding statistics

Branding statistics show that the company’s logo and products are not the only factors that define branding. Customer experience and storytelling are an essential part of it as well.  It can be challenging to understand the importance of branding your business—many companies can’t adequately explain what they do and how they do it. If a … Read more

SMS Marketing Statistics: Top Trends and Demographics in 2022

SMS Marketing Stats

Even though social media dominates the online world, there is a more traditional way to use digital marketing—good old texting. The process may seem a bit outdated, but it’s still a rewarding strategy.  Let’s take a look at the latest SMS marketing facts and figures. Top SMS Marketing Statistics: Editor’s Choice SMS Marketing Trends: Do … Read more

B2B Marketing Statistics: Content Strategy, Email Marketing, and More

B2B Marketing Statistics

If one marketing aspect stands out from all others, it’s the audience you intend to target. If you fail to connect with your chosen demographic, you’ll be scooping up prospects like water with a sieve. B2B marketing entails catering to a unique audience that expects specific things from you. It demands a deep understanding to … Read more

Customer Experience Statistics: B2B, Value, and Trends

Customer Experience Statistics

Customer experience has become essential for every business because customers want to feel appreciated. It matters more than other factors, such as price or a vast selection of products. The following customer experience statistics show that this is not only a trend. It’s a fundamental component that helps companies understand how they must operate. They … Read more