Multichannel Marketing Statistics: Is It Worth It in 2022?

Multichannel Marketing Statistics

Multichannel marketing is no longer something that a brand can avoid. In today’s world, consumers use a multitude of online platforms, usually engaging with multiple platforms on multiple devices. Brands and companies that aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with consumers across multiple channels are far less likely to run effective marketing campaigns … Read more

Employee Turnover Statistics: How to Retain Employees in 2022

employee turnover statistics

Turnover is inevitable. If workers decide to leave their workplace, a manager is unlikely to persuade them to stay. Employee turnover statistics recognize four types of turnover rate—positive and negative, voluntary and involuntary. Though it might be a bit nerve-racking, healthy turnover is necessary to keep a company’s balance. Although staff changes may bring a … Read more

Video Gaming Industry Statistics 2022: Demographics and Revenue

Video Gaming Industry Statistics

The gaming industry is bigger and more diverse than ever. Video games have become billions of people’s favorite leisure activity in the last decade. With new titles coming out every day, trends and user interests frequently change, so staying on top can be challenging. We’ve prepared a set of the most interesting statistics to show … Read more

Web Design Statistics 2022: Users, Market, and Mobile Experience

Web Design Statistics

Websites are a crucial component of a successful online presence for businesses. While elements like color and layout seem minor when looking at the larger picture, multiple studies have shown how visual coordination affects the potential buyer’s decision on whether your business is trustworthy and of sufficient quality. From loading speed to colors, your target … Read more

Accounting Stats 2022: Job Overview and Salary Info

Accounting Stats

The field of accounting is one of the most competitive industries globally. Any business needs accounting—therefore, any company specializing in this field must keep updated with the latest trends and technology. However, skills and experience may not be enough, especially with the evolution of technology. Since accounting is the heart of every business, companies and … Read more

Women Entrepreneurs Statistics: Equality in 2022

Women Entrepreneurs Statistics

Although men are still leading in numbers, women-led companies are increasingly growing each passing year. The growth of women in entrepreneurship is positively influencing the overall economy of the country, as well as job creation. If you are interested in finding out more about women’s entrepreneurship, take a look at the picture that numbers and … Read more

Conversion Rate Optimization Stats in 2022: Social Media and More

Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to consider in digital marketing. It shows just how many visitors actually complete the desired action—convert their visit into a purchase or sign-up, or any other goal you’ve set for the website.  In case it isn’t obvious, every brand wants to have as high of a … Read more

Cause Marketing Statistics: Why Is It So Important in 2022?

cause marketing statistics

Cause marketing seeks to boost the company’s profits and positively impact people through corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is a form of self-regulation ensuring organizations are working towards the best societal interests. Connecting with clients through common issues can build a more personal relationship that cultivates loyalty and trust. However, being consistently active and loyal … Read more

Voice Search Statistics: History, Emerging Trends, and COVID-19

Voice Search Statistics

Voice search technology has been long hailed as the future of internet browsing. The first mainstream solution in voice search came with Siri’s development and presentation, Apple’s popular voice assistant app. Its success has initiated a stream of changes and progress in voice technology, as Apple’s rivals sought to put out competitive, high-quality apps of … Read more