Twitch vs. YouTube: Which Platform Is Better?

Twitch vs. YouTube

Twitch and YouTube are two of the most popular live-streaming platforms on the internet. Both platforms allow users to share their gaming experiences with a live audience, but they have some key differences. Twitch is focused primarily on video games and offers features that appeal to hardcore gamers. On the other hand, YouTube has a … Read more

What Is Amazon Digital Service Charge: Avoid the Unnecessary Costs in 2022

What Is Amazon Digital Service Charge

It’s not a secret that Amazon is one of the most influential digital powerhouses. The platform offers a plethora of services that can be quite convenient in your everyday life. However,  subscribing to so many different services can come with a huge downfall—charges might not be immediately clear. For this reason, this article will tell … Read more

Video Gaming Industry Statistics 2022: Demographics and Revenue

Video Gaming Industry Statistics

The gaming industry is bigger and more diverse than ever. Video games have become billions of people’s favorite leisure activity in the last decade. With new titles coming out every day, trends and user interests frequently change, so staying on top can be challenging. We’ve prepared a set of the most interesting statistics to show … Read more