Employee Turnover Statistics: How to Retain Employees in 2022

employee turnover statistics

Turnover is inevitable. If workers decide to leave their workplace, a manager is unlikely to persuade them to stay. Employee turnover statistics recognize four types of turnover rate—positive and negative, voluntary and involuntary. Though it might be a bit nerve-racking, healthy turnover is necessary to keep a company’s balance. Although staff changes may bring a … Read more

Women Entrepreneurs Statistics: Equality in 2022

Women Entrepreneurs Statistics

Although men are still leading in numbers, women-led companies are increasingly growing each passing year. The growth of women in entrepreneurship is positively influencing the overall economy of the country, as well as job creation. If you are interested in finding out more about women’s entrepreneurship, take a look at the picture that numbers and … Read more

Women in Tech Statistics: What’s the 2022 Landscape?

Women in Tech Stats

Women are slowly reaching gender equality across many industries, yet the tech sector is still far behind. Although companies are becoming more dedicated to hiring quality employees regardless of their race, sexual orientation, and gender, women are still often discriminated against, underrepresented, and underpaid in IT roles. The following women in tech statistics paint a … Read more

Workplace Discrimination Statistics: The US vs. The World

Workplace Discrimination Stats

Unfortunately, the issue of racism, sexism, and discrimination is not a part of the past. Despite the progress that’s been made in recent years, workplace discrimination towards certain groups of people remains a significant problem. Unfortunately, these statistics are so distressing that many people have accepted bias as a given. Workplace discrimination is unlikely to … Read more

Sexism in the Workplace Statistics: Gender Bias and Inequality in 2022

sexism in the workplace statistics

Gender discrimination in the workplace comes in many forms, but it generally means that an employee or candidate is treated differently because of their sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Employees sometimes experience gender discrimination by being sexually harassed, paid less, or demoted. Therefore, it’s important to be educated about the obvious and less obvious … Read more

Employee Retention Statistics: Rates by Industry and Country in 2022

Employee Retention Statistics

Employee retention is the organization’s ability to hold on to its talent. Therefore, companies need to adopt valuable strategies to ensure their best talent remains on their team for as long as possible. With 33% of employees leaving within six months of being hired, companies must act fast to reduce employee turnover. Unfortunately, the latest … Read more

Human Resources Stats: Salaries, Demographics, Employee Retention in 2022

Human Resources Stats

HR professionals serve an essential purpose within a company, ensuring a healthy and productive work environment. Thanks to high-tech advancements and the transformation of the job market, the industry is in constant evolution.  Here are some statistics and facts concerning human resources that will keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. Top Human … Read more

Networking Statistics: How Beneficial Is It for Job Seekers in 2022?

Networking Statistics

Many self-employed people consider face-to-face networking the most effective way to create connections. Yet, as networking trends show, LinkedIn has become a valid alternative for those who feel more comfortable just with online interactions. If you’re still skeptical about it, the following facts and stats might change your mind. Top Networking Statistics: Editor’s Choice 85% … Read more

Employee Burnout Statistics: Impacts of COVID-19 and Beyond in 2022

Employee Burnout Statistics

Employee burnout is becoming a prominent issue across the globe. Heavy workloads, draining work environments, and lack of support from managers are all contributors to this global phenomenon, causing stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. The onset of COVID-19 has been shown to increase the likelihood of burnout among workers, as people try to manage … Read more