Productivity Statistics: Is Remote Work the Way to Go in 2022?

productivity stats

Productivity is of crucial importance to measuring a successful business. Still, many factors contribute to a productive workforce, not just getting a lot done in a short amount of time.  With the introduction of stay-at-home orders during 2020, remote and flexible work situations were implemented out of necessity and produced surprising results. Productivity statistics showed … Read more

Minimum Wage Statistics: Growth, Demographics, US vs. Worldwide in 2022

Minimum Wage Statistics

A minimum wage is a legally dictated minimum hourly wage on a federal level that an employer has to pay to covered employees. However, some states have their own legally mandated minimum wages that differ from the federal one. In the past few years, the possible increase in the minimum wage has been a trendy … Read more

US Income Statistics: Personal, Household, Inequality

US Income Statistics

The middle class in the US and around the world is slowly diminishing. You probably hear this all the time. Even though there’s no actual definition of what constitutes the middle class in the US, one thing is clear—many people above the poverty line and below wealthy status are struggling. US income trends suggest that … Read more

Outsourcing Statistics: The Situation Amid COVID-19

Outsourcing Statistics

Nowadays, an increasing number of international businesses are looking to outsource some of their work to a third party. This way, companies can save time and money. So, it’s not surprising that this business practice has become a lifestyle for many small and large firms out there. While outsourcing is helpful to many organizations, some … Read more

Leadership Statistics: Training, Demographics, and COVID-19

Leadership Stats

Businesses primarily rely on their leaders for expertise and timely decisions, especially during a crisis. No wonder leadership is one of the most discussed topics. Here are some of the questions that pop into people’s minds when talking about leadership. Are leaders self-made or naturally born? What’s the secret behind good leadership? How has leadership … Read more

Generation Z Statistics: Social Media, Workplace, Spending, and More

Generation Z Statistics

Generation Z is making a name for itself as the ethnically diverse pro-globalization age group, determined to bring changes.  So how does their set of values translate to their consumer behavior? We’ve analyzed the latest statistics and facts to find the answers. Top Generation Z Statistics: Editor’s Choice General Generation Z Facts Contrary to belief, … Read more

Self-Employment Statistics: Demographics and COVID-19

self-employment stats

The latest self-employment statistics indicate that more and more people decide to abandon traditional employment and work independently. Being your own boss can be a great way to round out your career and improve your specific talents and interests. It also allows you to set your schedule and workplace expectations. Did you know that one … Read more

Small Business Employment Statistics: Importance of SMB

small business employment statistics

Many people want to start their own company to break free from the workplace rules and fulfill their dreams. The best chance to do that is to open a small business. However, many aspects of a business, including employment itself, can be overwhelming at first. The following statistics demonstrate that more and more employees work … Read more

Local Business Statistics: Economic Impact, Benefits, Failure

Local Business Statistics

Small businesses are an essential part of every local economy. If consumers support local businesses, a substantial amount of money will stay in the community. Owning a local business may seem overwhelming, but it’s possible to succeed if you gather all the necessary information—let’s start here. Top Local Business Statistics: Editor’s Choice General Facts About … Read more